David Dawson Names Top 3: Nation's No. 1 OG Is Best Fit for Which Big Ten Team?

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIIOctober 30, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

4-star offensive guard David Dawson apparently wants to stay within the Big Ten, or at least that's what his new top three would suggest.

According to Brad Bournival of ESPN.com, Dawson's new top three is Big Ten through and through:

The No. 1 offensive guard in the nation has put out a new top three and it has a Big Ten feel as Michigan State, Ohio State and Wisconsin—in no particular order—will now be in a dogfight for the services of David Dawson (Detroit/Cass Tech).

Bournival also reports Dawson's visit plans:

Dawson said in a text message that he’ll head over to Michigan State for a visit this weekend to see the Spartans play Nebraska. After that, it’s a trip to Wisconsin to see the Badgers take on Ohio State at Camp Randall Stadium on Nov. 17.

It won’t be the only time Dawson sees the Buckeyes. He’s planning on heading to Columbus on Nov. 24 to watch Ohio State play Michigan, which is interesting in its own right since the guard decommitted from the Wolverines earlier this month.

Dawson is ESPN Recruiting Nation's No. 1 offensive guard recruit, so he's going to be a very good fit for whichever program eventually lands his commitment, but it's my belief that he'll be the best match for Ohio State.

Dawson is a very athletic player, and even though he's big, I don't see him being as much of a power blocker as I do a guy who can protect the pass, be effective in open space and make athletic plays in a read-option offense.

Both Michigan State and Wisconsin run "north and south" power running schemes that require their blockers to just out-muscle the defensive line and move the line of scrimmage. It's not like Dawson can't do that, but I don't see him being the best fit in that kind of scheme.

He would work much better in Ohio State's offense. Meyer's scheme is a bit more about finesse and athleticism rather than the grind-it-out styles we see at Wisconsin and MSU, and I see Dawson doing very well as an athletic guard on OSU's line.

At 6'4'', 282 pounds, he has elite size, but he's also extremely athletic.

He'll be able to get to the second level or pull to the edges on counter plays, and he'd be very effective blocking for the option-read plays that Meyer likes to run.

The Big Ten is known for its power football, but we've seen that Meyer can and will have success with his scheme. He still runs the ball effectively, but it just looks a little bit different. It also takes a different type of player to be successful, and I see Dawson being the perfect guard for this scheme.

He's got three good options, but in the end, one is the best for him. He also happens to be the best fit for them.

Dawson and Ohio State will be a great match.

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