NFC North: All-Time Hall-of-Fame Snubs

Andy RAnalyst IMarch 14, 2009

The Hall of Fame is one of two events in the NFL that continuously agitates all football fans, the other being the Pro Bowl.  Fans constantly grumble over why certain players didn't make it into the Hall of Fame.

Here's a look at each NFC North team and the top player who should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame


Chicago Bears

Richard Dent (1983-1997, 11 with the Bears)- There's really not much you can say about this guy that prevents him from being in the Hall of Fame. He's a former defensive end for one of the greatest teams in NFL history, the 1985 Chicago Bears.

His presence on the defense gave opposing quarterbacks nightmares.

His 137.5 career sacks alone should be enough to enshrine him, but we'll add 8 interceptions, 2 Super Bowl Rings, and 4 Pro Bowl selections just to solidify his position. Oh, he was also the 1985 Super Bowl MVP.

This is without a doubt one of the biggest snubs in NFL history. There is no excuse for this guy. He is living proof that there is a massive problem with Hall of Fame voting.

NOTES: The Bears own the record for most NFL players inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Is this the reason he's been snubbed for so many years? This guy should have been a first-ballot entry, no questions asked.

HONORABLE MENTION: They already have enough in the Hall of Fame. Wait until Dent earns his spot.


Detroit Lions

Dick LeBeau (1959-1972, all with the Lions)- The defensive mastermind behind the Pittsburgh Steelers defense, LeBeau was a dominant cornerback throughout the 1960's. He is one of many NFL players who turned to coaching immediately after retiring.

He currently stands tied for seventh all-time in interceptions with 62. He owns the record for consecutive starts by a cornerback with 171 and had three Pro Bowl selections.

Though he wasn't known for making plays in the running game, he made up for it with his ability to shut down the passing game

NOTES: If this guy doesn't make the Hall of Fame as a player, he better get in as a coach. He never won a Super Bowl as a player, but has two as a coach.

HONORABLE MENTION: Lomas Brown- He owns one Super Bowl ring and is a seven time Pro Bowl and All Pro selection. 2008 was his first year and he's bound to get it sometime.


Green Bay Packers

Jerry Kramer (1958-1968, all with the Packers)- This one is unanimous around Packer nation. In 1969, he was introduced as a member into the NFL's 50th Anniversary Team. NFL Network claims Kramer to be the biggest snub ever.

He was a five time All-Pro selection and won an NFL title five times. He also won the Super Bowl twice, Super Bowl I and Super Bowl II. Kramer is regarded as the most dominant guard in history. He was the cornerstone to the 1960's Packer dynasty.

NOTES: Kramer was the only guard on the NFL's 50th Anniversary Team and is the only player on that team not in the Hall of Fame. The time for this guy to get in is long overdue.

HONORABLE MENTION: LeRoy Butler- He revolutionized the safety position. He was the first safety ever to record 20 sacks and 20 interceptions in a career. Butler could be the best overall safety the NFL has ever seen.

He also is the inverter of the infamous Lambeau Leap.


Minnesota Vikings

Jim Marshall (1960-1979, 19 with the Vikings)- Continuously voted among the top three players snubbed every year. He was a leading force in one of the most dominant defensive lines ever. Marshall played in four Super Bowls, but never won once.

He is the Iron Man of football and currently owns the record for most consecutive games played at 282 and over 300 counting the playoffs. Well, technically Jeff Feagles owns the record, but he's punter and shouldn't count.

Marshall never missed a game. Sacks weren't considered an official stat when Marshall played, but the Vikings credit him with 127 sacks. He was only voted to the Pro Bowl twice, but he played with two other Hall of Famers on the same defensive line.

NOTES: Marshall is probably remembered most for his fumble recovery against the 49ers in which he ran the ball 66 yards toward the end zone. Thinking he scored a touchdown, he threw the ball into the air and it landed out of bounds.

Unfortunately, Marshall ran the wrong way and the play resulted in a safety instead.

HONORABLE MENTION- Chris Carter- Do I really need to say anything? He likely won't get in with Tim Brown and Jerry Rice both eligible next season. He's the second best receiver in NFL history behind only Rice.

There it is NFC North fans. The list could grow big, but then the discussion is chased outside the north division. Feel free to add your own players to the annual Hall of Fame snubbed players list.