The 25 Worst Kinds of Sports Tweeters

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The 25 Worst Kinds of Sports Tweeters
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For decades, an athlete usually fell victim to his or her own words in front of a mic or during an interview with a reporter who “misconstrued” what was said. In 2012 athletes, famous or not, have a million ways to broadcast their thoughts, opinions or business interests. The fact is, social media is a virtual minefield for any guy or gal with access to the Internet.

At the top of the list of apps that have either gotten an athlete in trouble or revealed a little too much about their life and habits is Twitter. 

For a communications medium that imposes a pretty strict limit on how much you can say at any given moment, Twitter is surprisingly capable of turning any person into the equivalent of nails on a chalkboard. If you follow a lot of the big names in sports, you’ve probably noticed the content of their tweets gravitate to a certain set of categories.

Beyond what the tweets actually say, how they say it simulates the experience of being neck deep in a text battle with a 13-year-old. However, I took it upon myself to dig deep into hundreds of sports Twitter accounts, and probably thousands of tweets, to breakdown the 25 worst kinds of sports tweeters.

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