LeBron James Is Not One of Us: Basketball Humanoid

Ricky ChanContributor IMarch 14, 2009

Let's get this out the way: LeBron James is not human.


The Breakdown

Most players dream of getting a triple-double. Some actually get one. For LeBron, he could get one with his eyes closed. Three straight triple-doubles have boosted James's MVP standing to No. 1.

His 34 points, 10 rebounds, and 13 assists earned him his first win in Phoenix. In his game against the Clippers, he had 32 points, 13 boards, and 11 assists. And the triple-double that started the streak: 14 points, 10 boards, and 12 assists.

LeBron James is a basketball player, but it’s his ability to be able to pass and collect boards while still being able to score that makes him one of the best. He is the youngest player to record a triple-double.

He is the youngest player to score 1,000 all the way up to 12,000 points. He is the youngest player to reach a lot of milestones, and probably the best one at doing it.

Even though Jason Kidd is on top of the charts for career triple-doubles (100+), LeBron is on his way to passing this milestone if he continues to play like he is now.

As you you watch his game and the way he continues to make his mark in the NBA people will soon realize that he is different from the people who watch him on TV. He is not one of us, a Human Being, but he is a Basketball Humanoid.

The definition of a Basketball Humanoid? LeBron James.

If you Know Lil' Wayne, then you know his song titled "Phone Home." When I hear the line, "We are not the same, I'm a Martian," I think of LeBron and how that song applies directly to him.

So to wrap this all up, LeBron James is not from this planet or this galaxy. He is a Basketball Humanoid, and his mission is to take over the NBA. He will make sure that no one will stop him.

One day, LeBron James will win a championship, and an NBA Title, and everyone has to admit it, even if you like it or not.

Quick Note: I am a die hard Kobe fan. Go Lakers!!!