The Most Overrated and Underrated Preformances Of UFC 96

T.P. GrantAnalyst IMarch 14, 2009

I return from my self-imposed exile (damn grad school and finals!).


Overrated: Keith Jardine

Benefiting from low expectations going into this fight, when Jardine was not dominated and survived the full three rounds with Rampage and the cards showed it was an extremely close call for Rampage.

But watching the fight a second time it becomes very clear that Jardine's striking was not effective whatsoever.

Most of his strikes were garbage shots, we saw almost none of the famous leg kicks, and most of the punches landed on Rampage's arms or hands not doing any real damage.

Rampage didn't take advantage of this, his usually excellent boxing was very poor as he loaded up upper cuts and hooks all fights looking for a one punch knock out. But Rampage defended himself very well, and a parry set up that final flurry that 'won' the fight for Rampage.

I feel that the hype Jardine is getting is ridiculous because while you are rewarded for striking, it must be effective striking.

Even when Jardine rocked Rampage and was unloading on him all his shots were landing on the forearms and biceps of Jackson. You have do more than bruise up a fighter's arms to win a fight.


Underratted: Matt Brown

I have been one of the biggest critics of that Ultimate Fighter class, I really felt the talent just wasn't there and the only guy who is a threat to do much of anything in the UFC was CB Dollaway.

Matt Brown was a massive underdog going in against a UFC veteran Pete Sell and at a career record of 6-7 many questioned why Brown was in the UFC.

Holy S***! Matt Brown decimated Sell with a Muay Thai display that rivaled showings by Anderson Silva. Landing an early head kick that rocked Sell, there was not one aspect of striking Brown didn't show off as he cruised.

I don't expect Matt Brown to fight at that level every event is part of, but he has gone a very stealthy 3-1 in the octagon and could get a fight with someone real very soon.

I think we could see Matt Brown become more than a regional, Ohio event, fighter and start to take his show on the road and possibley get a fight with a contender.