Vancouver Canucks: Back To Reality After Vacation in The Golden State

The 7th CanuckContributor IMarch 14, 2009


Something the Canucks took a little vacation from, in sunny California, is back with a vengeance, which is obvious after the 4-2 drubbing of the Los Angeles Kings that put Vancouver on their behinds, Monday.

Most people are going to say, “well how could've they drubbed L.A. so badly when they've only beat them by two goals?”

Well, let's just say that this was one of those games when the score meant nothing.

I mean, one man (Henrik Sedin) with a minimal scoring touch as of late, put two goals behind quick in a span of 23-seconds.

I understand the Kings have goalie problems, but the Canucks roasted through a defense that is actually somewhat solid.

Now, lets get to the Kings and the two goals they pulled out of their bag of tricks: One goal was a harmless little flutter-ball that passed Luongo, something I couldn't believe; the second goal was a little bitter, but still wasn't a goal that should be passing Louie.

I mean with all respect to the guy, he is playing average and we didn't pay quality money for him to play like that.

Now, for the special teams.

Burrows and Kesler have been the main men trying to get the special teams going, and both men did some awesome play.

The pair of 'em showed how much they could check and at times, they carried the PK on their backs.

Before I go on to grading, I need to bring something up involving Burrows and AV.

Alex has had extreme durability and strength and a scoring touch no one expected, but doesn't get on the PP—Look at Bernier.

You have him, Demitra and Welwood on a line.

Demi and Welly have some chemistry, but Steve doesn't have any with either guy.

Replace him with Burrows and have you've got a slick line, that'd help get your PP as good as your PK.

Well thanks folks, if you look below I will include three short features that will be there almost every blog and I'll love to take emails about blog ideas at

Ice Chips!

The Vancouver Canucks forward, Jannik Hansen, is coming back soon, making it obvious that someone’s wearing a Moose jersey soon!

He has just started practicing with the team fully, after quite a few private practices and looks to be promising as well, this may be the man we need to booster our PP…

Rick Rypien is a little bit of a different story.

With these last few injuries frustrating him more than anything, both the 'Nucks and Rick are going to want to take this slow so they can have the feisty dude back in play!

I also wonder if AV waiting means he doesn't want to make a decision on the mini game of Survivor just yet.

Conference-Division Watch

Columbus has Vancouver looking over their shoulder and seeing the BJ's right behind them. The underdogs have a few games on the Canucks, which is always good, but anything can happen in the NHL and in the Western conference.

Even though this doesn't matter too much with Chicago most likely holding their spot 'till the playoffs, Vancouver is only four-points away but they have one more game than the Hawks, but like I said before, anything can happen.

The Canucks have a cushion of seven-points, so it'd take an absolute miracle to Edmonton to catch and for the other teams, they won't move up and out of the basement of the NW any time soon.

The Canucks are making that cushion smaller and smaller, but like Minnesota and Colorado, we're almost destined to finish where we are right now.

Around The NHL Today

I loved Vermette before the deadline and even though I was definitely angered that he didn't land in Vancouver, I'm more than happy for him in Columbus.

At first, I didn't know he'd ever work out and his first game or two showed that, but the rest make me happy the real Vermette is showing.

Antoine Vermette: Two Goals, two-Points, one PPG