WWE 13: Ryback and More of Video Game's Best Downloadable Characters

Tim Daniels@TimDanielsBRFeatured ColumnistOctober 29, 2012

Courtesy: WWE.com
Courtesy: WWE.com

A lot of hype surrounds WWE 13, which will be released on Tuesday across North America, as the addition of the Attitude Era has gamers eagerly anticipating the latest edition of the popular franchise.

One of the best annual features the game has is the ability to download more characters. There is no shortage of options this year, including a couple key modern-day superstars that are needed to complete the roster.

With that in mind, let's take a look at two current superstars and one former superstar that every gamer should look to download right after picking up the game. To check out the entire list of DLCs, visit the game's official site.



Ryback has watched his stock skyrocket over the past couple months as he transformed from a virtual unknown into one of the most dominant superstars on the roster. His "Feed Me More" chants are now among the loudest reactions to any superstar.

Even though he was unable to capitalize on his WWE Championship opportunity at Hell in a Cell on Sunday night, it appears he's going to remain on a main-event level for the foreseeable future. That means he's a necessary addition to the game.

His powerful move set will make him one of the most popular characters to use, as well. Getting a chance to march around the ring with any superstar on his shoulders is something gamers will surely have plenty of fun with in the coming months.


Antonio Cesaro

Another current star on the rise is Cesaro, the current United States champion. Like Ryback, he emerged from the shadows to work his way up the ladder in rapid fashion and has now held the mid-card belt for more than two months.

While he doesn't get as much time to illustrate his in-ring ability as the top-tier guys, his combination of strength and athleticism make him an intriguing superstar both in reality and in the game. It's on full display when he does his finisher, the Neutralizer.

One of the main reasons the game franchise has become so popular in recent years is the amount of realism it brings to the table, which gamers crave. Adding Cesaro through download will make sure the roster is one step closer to completing that quest.



Although Goldust doesn't get as much recognition for his contributions to the Attitude Era as superstars like "Stone Cold" Steve Austin or The Rock, he played a key role in helping change the view of wrestling to appeal to a wider fanbase.

He was an eccentric character, to say the least, with his gold and black colors and outlandish personality, but that's what made Goldust stand out from the crowd. No Attitude Era storyline would be perfect without him involved.

The other reason he's a great downloadable character is his actual wrestling ability, which should translate well to the game. Everybody immediately thinks about the crazy gimmick, but he more than held his own in the ring too.