New York Yankees Vs. Boston Red Sox Grades

Sean SerritellaCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2009

I was highly disappointed that the game wasn't on the YesNetwork. I was getting ready too. I had popcorn (microwave) and a big bottle of soda ready for my consumption. Either way, the game must be graded. I got a lot of info from Peter Abraham's website.


The New York Yankees lost an exhibition game to the Boston Red Sox by a score of 8-4.


A+Brett Tomko


He struck out five Red Sox in 3.1 innings while giving up no runs on two hits. That's impressive


AKei Igawa


I know he pitched only one inning but he hasn't given up a run yet and he's been very good. He gave up one hit and a walk but he struck out two. This guy wants it. He wants it all.


BXavier Nady


He was one of the bright spots of the offense tonight by going one for tree with two RBI's.


DBrett Gardner


This is the first bad grade I've given Gardner this spring. He walked on seven pitches and stole a base but didn't fair well in key moments of the game. With two outs and runners on second and third, Gardner struck out. Then in his next at bat, he struck out with the bases loaded.


If Gardner were to get hits in those at bats, I'm sure he would of been a lock to start in center field. Now the door is a little more open for Melky Cabrera.


DChien-Ming Wang


Even though six of the runs Wang gave up were unearned, he did give up six hits and allowed two home runs, one to Ortiz and one to Lowell. When the Yankees play Boston in the regular season, Wang better pitcher better than this because I need to talk trash to Red Sox fans.


FJuan Miranda


He scored a run in only one at bat but he his two errors in the first innings were the reason the Red Sox scored 6 unearned runs. Who knows? Wang might of only gave up a home run to Lowell and that could of been the only run that scored.


FThe YesNetwork and the Yankees organization


The game wasn't shown on TV. What kind of nonsense is that? The Yankees are playing their biggest rival and you're not showing the game because the Yankees just didn't feel like it? Wow. You get a "big" F for that one.