The Nickel:Taker Vs Koslov, No Vickie, No Cena, No HHH, No Orton, A Borefest

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 13, 2009

Koslov Vs. Taker

I can't even talk about this. Last time the two faced off, Koslov got the win. WWE wanted to preserve his streak. Once HBK ended Koslov's streak and earned his match against the deadman, Koslov became just another wrestler. No longer invincible, it was terribly predictable that Taker was going to win the match. Koslov and Taker went back and forth and eventually he got put to rest with the tombstone (what a surprise). Taker reigns as Smackdown goes off the air. Boring.

Shelton Benjamin and Chavo Guerrero Vs. MVP and R-Truth

Three of my favorite superstars all in one match! This was obviously a high point for me. Sorry, Chavo. I love Truth's ring work and hope he gets a push one day. Chavo and Shelton could not co-exist, but they were still blind tagging one another to get into the action. MVP and Truth dominated most of the match, but it ended with MVP being pinned by my third favorite wrestler, Shelton Benjamin (first two are Orton and HBK). Though my favorites were in this match, it was decent.

No Triple H or Orton

I guess WWE is trying to see the "Triple H got arrested" angle. But why not have Orton show up and cut a promo or something? He and/or Priceless could have been in action or something. They're RAW superstars but WWE is inter-promotional crazy right now, so would it have hurt? I only have one question: "Is this failed transition? Or is this an attempt at suspense?

No Vickie or Cena....or Big Show

The former champ finally got his shot, now he's a no show. Cena the strap rider I say. The man gets the shot and is no where in sight now. EXCUSE ME....What happened to Vickie Guerrero? I know she cheated on Edge with Big Show, another no show. Vickie and Show don't show up. I understand the Triple H and Orton angle and probably Cena because he got his shot, but Edge was supposed to get Vickie or something. Where is the transition? This went from RAW red hot, to Smackdown ice cold. Hopefully this angle will pick up again. There was the segment with Edge and Chavo in the back, but that doesn't make up, equal to, or transitions from RAW.

MITB complete

Finlay defeated Brian Kendrick to earn the last spot into the MITB. I used to like Finlay, but would have preferred to see R-Truth in there. Very highly debatable, but I believe that R-Truth can provide more to the match than Finlay can. Then again Mark Henry is in the MITB, so why am I even talking? There's no use in crying over spilled milk. The MITB is complete, so lets all be happy and wait for the big show. As for the rest of the night, I was more entertained by a Knicks game.