Seattle Seahawks: Winners and Losers from NFL Week 8

Alex Field@@afield7Correspondent IIOctober 28, 2012

Seattle Seahawks: Winners and Losers from NFL Week 8

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    After they surrendered 415 yards to the Detroit Lions, including 331 through the air, the Seattle Seahawks fell to 4-4 on the season.

    The Lions sealed the game on a go-ahead touchdown pass by Matthew Stafford with only 20 seconds remaining.

    The Hawks did gain 369 yards on Sunday, but it simply was not enough, as the defense simply could not hang with Detroit. The line had a tough time generating pressure and the secondary looked out of sync.

    Stafford enjoyed success spreading the ball all over the field, as he hooked up with eight different receivers. Titus Young did most of the damage for Detroit, as he hauled in two touchdowns and finished with 100 yards receiving on nine catches.

    The Hawks were in the game right up until the end, as the offense seemed to be moving the ball with ease. Russell Wilson finished with 236 yards and Marshawn Lynch finished with over 100 yards on the ground.

    However, it was not enough for the Seahawks, who are now 1-4 on the road this year.

    Here are the winners and losers from Sunday’s contest.

Winner: Russell Wilson

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    Wilson had a good performance on Sunday. It wasn’t exceptional, and there were still mistakes, but he navigated the offense to posting 24 points. He also had two touchdown passes, including a crucial fourth-quarter pitch and catch to Zach Miller to give Seattle the lead.

    He looked calm in the pocket and was able to find receivers downfield throughout the game. It looked as if his fourth-quarter drive was going to be yet another defining moment of his young career, but Stafford thought otherwise.

    Regardless, Wilson seems to be establishing a nice connection with his receiving core, as Golden Tate had seven catches and Sidney Rice finished with six grabs.

    Tate also kept Seattle’s hopes alive as he came up with a decisive fourth-down conversion in the fourth quarter.

    The young quarterback did everything in his power to keep Seattle in the game, and he is continuing his ascension to greatness. His one mistake of the day could have been attributed to Rice, as Wilson threw a deep pass looking for Rice, which was intercepted.

    It seemed as if Rice could have made a play on the ball, but he did not elevate on the play.

    All in all, Seattle fans should be thrilled with the prospect of this offense moving forward.

Loser: Defensive Line

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    For a unit that has been so brilliant so far this season, it surely laid an egg this week.

    As the game started, it looked as if the Seahawks would be in the backfield for a majority of the game. But as the game went on, the Seahawks defensive line seemingly disappeared.

    It finished with two sacks and seven quarterback hits, but it did not do enough to slow down Matthew Stafford, as he torched the Seattle secondary.

    They were proficient in stopping Detroit’s running game, but when it came to a pass rush, that was virtually non-existent when it counted.

    That fact was especially true on third-down plays.

    Seattle desperately needed to get off the field at various times throughout the game, and the defense simply could not do it. Rather than forcing Stafford to make an errant throw or flushing him out of the pocket, he had time to set his feet and look downfield.

    That led to Detroit converting 12 of 16 third-down conversions. The Seahawks were only three of nine.

    This defensive line has been beastly at times this season. However in this game, it was simply average, and that was not enough.

Winner: Marshawn Lynch and Seattle's Offensive Line

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    He only got 12 carries, but he made them count.

    He scored on a 77-yard touchdown run that was set up beautifully by the blocking in front of him. Lynch averaged 8.8 yards per carry, but simply did not get enough touches on Sunday.

    It would have been nice to see more of a balanced attack from the Hawks, who were getting good production on the ground, as the offensive line was holding back the Lions. The offensive line had one of its best performances of the season against Detroit, as it guided Lynch and kept Wilson upright.

    The Lions finished with no sacks and only three quarterback hits, which is a testament to the performance of the big guys up front.

    They also opened holes throughout the field for Lynch, who was taking runs to the outside with ease against Detroit.

    For a guy who means so much to Seattle’s offense, Lynch did not have a big enough role on Sunday. He made the most of his limited work, but perhaps he will get more touches moving forward.

Loser: Seattle Secondary

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    For how much praise these guys constantly get, they really laid an egg on Sunday.

    The defense was poor all around, but these guys were getting burned by Titus Young.

    They allowed the second-year receiver to have a career day, and he ultimately won the game with his second touchdown reception.

    Obviously, they were worried about the prospect of guarding Calvin Johnson Jr., but with how imposing the cornerbacks are, there is no way Young should have had that type of game.

    Young, a 5’11” receiver was generally lined up outside, meaning he was lined up against Brandon Browner or Richard Sherman, and they still consistently could not cover him. That was especially evident on 46-yard touchdown reception where he blew by Kam Chancellor and Sherman.

    The pass coverage was soft all afternoon for Seattle, and Detroit made them pay.

    They had trouble with Brandon Pettigrew as well, as he finished with seven catches for 74 yards.

    Earl Thomas did come up with an interception, but that was more Stafford’s fault than anything.

    The Seahawks’ defense just could not come up with stops when it counted, and that’s why it is sitting at .500 now.

    The Lions have a high-powered offense, as they rank second in the NFL in passing offense. The Hawks simply could not hang with their spread-it-around offense, and it cost them the game.