Everton vs. Liverpool: 4 Key Factors That Influenced the Derby

Pradeep Kumar@@peepu92Featured ColumnistOctober 28, 2012

Everton vs. Liverpool: 4 Key Factors That Influenced the Derby

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    The Merseyside derby lived up to its billing as one of the most fiercely contested matches in world football.

    Everton came from two goals behind to pull level with Liverpool in an encounter that finished 2-2.

    It was an eventful afternoon, what with enticing celebrations, fouls, goals and, of course, don't forget awful refereeing decisions.

    Luis Suarez once again was the troublemaker-in-chief for Liverpool. The tricky Uruguayan was more than what the Everton defence could handle at times as he went about his routine, punishing defenders severely for their mistakes.

    Everton, although falling behind, displayed courage and refused to die down on their home turf, forcing their way back via Leon Osman and Steven Naismith’s efforts.

    Click on to find out more about noteworthy things from the match as the events unfolded at Goodison Park.

Luis Suarez’s Denied Equaliser

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    Let’s hop onto the thing that is sure to make news.

    It was a goal.

    And the linesman got it terribly wrong.

    Everton supporters may think it is some sort of a payback, but the truth is that the latest in a series of erroneous refereeing decisions is plainly bad for the Premier League’s status as the best league in the world.

    Linesmen’s line of business expects them to show precision when it comes to split-second decisions.

    But, to be fair, the linesmen in charge for this game were downright awful.

    It was evident when they blindly failed to spot Nikica Jelavic’s offside position in the very first minute of the game and the throw-in decision in favour of Kevin Mirallas that eventually led to Naismith’s weak effort for Everton’s second.

Liverpool’s Defence

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    Liverpool have slipped into this unfortunate habit of having all the good work undone by their defensive unit.

    Brad Jones awkwardly punched the ball from a Leighton Baines corner onto an arriving Leon Osman.

    The 31-year-old Englishman then gladly fired it away through a crowded defence and past Jones, who put in a futile dive to prevent the ball from going in.

    Now, Joe Allen was one of the many characters in a red tee that had a chance to block the ball in its path, yet chose not to harm its trajectory.

    Martin Skrtel chose to watch the ball instead of putting in a leg to stop it from sailing to Steven Naismith’s foot as Everton stuck again to pull level.

    It is a wholly different issue that Skrtel would not have been in that situation had the referee got his decision right.

    Kevin Mirallas, and not Andre Wisdom, was favoured for the throw-in decision by ref Andre Marriner, and the Belgian international gleefully obliged the favour by laying the ball onto Marouane Fellaini, thus leading to the goal.

    Still, that doesn’t warrant Liverpool’s ineffective and blatantly absent-minded defending in the scheme of events.

Luis Suarez

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    Luis Suarez was on fire today.

    The Uruguayan once again threatened to run away with the game when his first strike deflected off Baines’ leg into the Everton goal.

    And the celebration that followed was every bit as cheeky as it was provocative to David Moyes.

    Suarez sure did pass on the message to the Scotsman—“Beware, I’m good at whatever it is I do!”

    He pulled the Reds further away with a header off of Steven Gerrard’s free kick.

    His last-minute strike may very well have been the winner save for the linesman’s “accuracy."


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    Andre Marriner did a decent job of his task and controlled the game very well.

    Everton supporters may not entirely agree with the above statement, but the truth is that Marriner was only let down by his below-average assistants.


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    In the end, it was a wholesome entertainer for football fans across the world.

    Everton brought it when it mattered, and their never-say-die attitude deservedly makes them stand out as worthy rivals.

    Liverpool, on the other hand, will now travel the half-mile back to their “home," pondering when their run-ins with poor referees will end.

    Meanwhile, Brendan Rodgers is on the phone with Mike Riley as the saga continues.