Will Gene Chizik Still Be Around to Witness Iron Bowl Embarrassment?

Ian Berg@@ShugJordanPkwyCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2012

AUBURN, AL - OCTOBER 6:  Head coach Gene Chizik of the Auburn Tigers argues a call during a game against the Arkansas Razorbacks at Jordan-Hare Stadium on October 6, 2012 in Auburn, Alabama.  (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)
Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The Auburn Tigers have lost their sixth conference game of the season and are well on the way to a winless record in the SEC. The last time the Tigers were winless in the conference was 1980—prior to that it was 1952. 

Auburn has had down years, but the Tigers are never this bad. This has been an embarrassing season for Auburn, and Gene Chizik won’t be around to witness what will be a terrible loss in the Iron Bowl.  

Things are not well in Auburn right now. The Tigers coach has lost his football team, and it is apparent with every snap of the football. 

There has been a major disconnect with the Auburn coaching staff and their players. The Tigers have recruited some of the best talent in the country in the past few recruiting cycles, but Auburn can’t field an effective football team. 

Gene Chizik is known for his national title run with the Tigers, but very few of those players were products of this coaching staff. Most were established players that had been a part of the Tuberville era at Auburn. They had been coached by the Tuberville staff. 

This staff knows how to recruit big and it has proved it, but they are failing to get that talent to produce while other coaching staffs are. There is no excuse for the lack of production that Auburn is having right now. 

Doug Barfield is a notorious name with Auburn people. Gene Chizik is about to be as well. 

Sure this coach has won a national title for Auburn and for that the Auburn people are thankful, but this season has been one that would rather be forgotten. 

This is a bad display of football for not only Auburn, but for these players who work hard to be a part of this team, expecting to play for championships, but are instead a part of record-breaking seasons for all the wrong reasons. 

What Auburn needs to do is regroup. The Tigers need to find some new life and a new perspective about the future of this football team. Right now, these Tigers aren’t playing for this season. This is about getting better for next year and earning respect while Auburn does it. 

The Tigers are deflated, and it is visible every time that they take the field. There is no belief that they can win football games. The motivation is gone. This coaching staff has failed this team, and it is time to go before it gets worse. 

Breakups always hurt in the beginning, but in the end you both realize it made sense to part ways. Right now Auburn and Chizik are playing the “we know this will suck” game, but the faster it ends the better it will be for the Tigers' program. 

Auburn is a dumpster fire, and the only place to point the blame is in the coach's direction. Chizik has allowed for this team to get lost in itself. 

At the end of the game on Saturday it looked as if three or four players were giving offensive effort for Auburn. The rest wanted to go home. The same could be said for the Tigers defense at halftime. 

What makes matters worse is the game was played in Auburn. This team has a long way to go before they are competitive again, but Gene Chizik is simply not the answer.