WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 Match Card: Top Matches on Sunday's Slate

Chris HummerAnalyst IOctober 27, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Hell in a Cell isn't a prime event on the WWE's pay-per-view lineup, but the championship matches have the potential to be outstanding and the undercard will feature some interesting showcases.

Both the World Heavyweight Championship and the WWE Championship are on the line, and both have the potential to be explosive.

On top of that, the undercard has some entertaining matches to tide fans over until the big-time matches hit the mat.

It should be a great show as long as the writers don't get too fancy with the storylines and stick to what works.

So, here are the top matches to watch when the WWE enters the cell on Sunday.



WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Ryback

This is the event's top billing and has the potential to make the whole evening.

Ryback is riding a huge wave of momentum and received the shot at the championship after John Cena's recovery from elbow surgery went slower than expected.

But, it's not likely that the WWE chooses to relinquish the title from Punk quite yet. He's been an excellent heel thus far, and they want to ride him for a while longer.

Expect a great match, but some interference at the end will likely swing the match in Punk's favor. 



World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus vs. Big Show

This match has been heavily hyped by the WWE as they've pushed Big Show as the biggest obstacle for Sheamus on Smackdown. But, it's still a bit hard to get too enthusiastic about it.

Sheamus is great for someone of his size in the ring, but you get what you see with Big Show. He's not exactly the most mobile of wrestlers. So, it's hard to expect more than an average match as far as skill goes.

Still, the added element of the cell will make this matchup all the more interesting and should provide for some great moments between the pair.

Big Show has been climbing the ladder for quite a while now for his opportunity, and expect the title to change hands this time.



Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston vs. The Miz

This should be one of the most entertaining matches on the card despite the fact that the match result seems almost predetermined.

Kingston has beaten the Miz twice in the last few weeks, including his win in the Main Event to earn the Intercontinental Championship for the fourth time in his career. The Miz evoked his rematch clause for Hell in the Cell, but it's unlikely the WWE strips Kofi so quickly.

Still, the match should be pretty solid, as two of the more athletic wrestlers in the WWE matchup.

It will be interesting, but it's almost a guarantee Kingston retains the title.