Halloween Special: The Scariest Wrestlers of All Time

David Levin@@davidlevin71Senior Writer IIOctober 31, 2012

Halloween Special: The Scariest Wrestlers of All Time

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    They're creepy and they're kooky. Mysterious and spooky.They're all together ooky, Their wrestling's creepiest characters of all time.

    It may have been a bad play on the Addam's Family theme song, but wrestling and Halloween seem to be connected at the hip. Scary costumes, creepy personas, and in some cases, plenty of gore to go around.

    If I were Vince McMahon, I would show PPV events on the holiday, no matter what the day of the week.

    Wreslting has had its share of crazies and creepies and scaries. Some are still alive and well in today's PG Era, but there are some over the years that are forever etched in our minds and our psyche.

    Here are a look at the scariest wrestling characters of all time.

Luna Vachon

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    Any woman who shaves her head then draws in veins to give her a more menacing look certainly makes this list.

    Luna Vachon was one of the best women wrestlers of her day. Not only did she wrestle with her opponents, she made it a point to beat them up and terrorize them.

    Think of Kevin Sullivan in the female form. She is a part of the famed Vachon family and loved to get and give out pain.


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    Maybe the most intimidating women in wrestling history.

    Kharma/Awesome Kong was the best in the business in the early part of this generation.

    Her sheer power and strength was also aided by a look of a woman who probably could beat the hell out of men.

    When her eyes would bug out of her head, you knew she was about to do damage to her opponents.

George "The Animal" Steele

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    A mainstay in the WWF. One of the first true characters I saw wrestle in the WWF on USA Network before the height of Hulkamania.

    Steele was one of those lovable heels who eventually turned face. He may have been one of the hairiest wrestlers of all time and loved to chew up the stuffing in the turn buckle.

    He also had a thing for Miss Elizabeth, which led to a feud with Macho Man Randy Savage.

Ox Baker

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    I never knew about him until I saw him on the Price is Right.

    The man with the huge mustache and the "heart punch" caused all kinds of trouble in his prime.

    Baker would bring a stretcher to the ring and beat the hell out of his opponents, twice being accused of causing wrestlers to pass away from the punishment he delivered.

    While people knew about him all over the country, Baker was more of the regional star than he was a national character.

Buddy Roberts

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    Of the three Freebirds who caused all kinds of trouble in World Class Championship Wrestling with Michael Hayes and Terry Gordy, he was the weakest of the group, but all the most cagey and ornery. He was also a little deranged.

    Roberts used short cuts and punishing moves to beat the Von Erichs and anyone in his path.

    He also feuded with Hayes toward the end of his tenure in Texas.

The Purple Haze

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    Mark Lewin was a regional star in the 1960s and 1970s as a tag team specialist, but belongs on this list for his persona as the Purple Haze.

    He would come to the ring and bark, then punish his opponents. In Florida, that meant feuding with the likes of Mike Graham, Barry Windham and Dusty Rhodes.

    The thing about Lewin was he looked like he never felt pain, which fit into Kevin Sullivan's cast of unruly and odd characters.


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    She enjoyed wrestling with the boys.

    Big, strong and intimidating as hell, her masculine appearance was just what the WWE and DX needed in its stable during the height of the Attitude Era.

    And the thing about Chyna was she could take the men on and beat them at their own game, owning the Intercontinental Title twice.

    With the look of a body builder, the raspy voice and the ability to body slam men, this woman was just a plain mess to get involved with. 

Abdullah the Butcher

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    Never has anyone been more creative in the ring with objects and out of the ring with tables and chairs.

    Welcome to the world of Abdullah the Butcher.

    For over five decades, Larry Shreve made a career out of using forks, table spikes, nails and other outside objects to hurt opponents.

    And he shed a little blood along the way as well. He also has been known for his "shocking feats" and has been the  inspiration for other wrestlers including including “Maniac” Mark Lewin, Kevin Sullivan, Cactus Jack, Kamala and Sabu, among others; and he still continues to compete on the independent circuit in a career that has now spanned five decades.

    He has also been known to eat the head of a live chicken and eat an entire toad while it was still alive.


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    The man who never spoke, looked like he was afraid of his own shadow and slapped his belly in the ring.

    Kamala was a perfect fit in Vince McMahon's carnival in the 1980s.

    He actually got his start in the NWA before moving north.

    He never won a title in the WWF, but James Harris used the savage warrior gimmick for years and feuded with Hulk Hogan and Jake Roberts.

Kevin Sullivan

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    "The Taskmaster" and the head of the "Dungeon of Doom," there is no wrestler who looked the part of the cult worshipper like Kevin Sullivan.

    He also was one tough SOB for a guy his size.

    As a rival of Mike Graham, Dusty Rhodes and Hulk Hogan, there were few who wanted to be abused in the ring or dish out abuse like Sullivan.

    His cult in Florida, which included Jake Roberts and Purple Haze, had some of the best interviews and vignettes of its time.

    Just looking at him with his evil stare was enough to get a shudder out of fans.

Black Reign

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    Another one of those incarnations of Dustin Rhodes.

    In the mind of one of the better second generation wrestlers of our generation comes Black Reign. After a great stint in the WWF as Goldust, Black Reign truly showed the "dark" side of Dusty Rhodes's oldest son.

    The character had a stint in TNA, using more extreme tactics, like the use of tacks and other objects to win matches, to prove his point.

    Black Reign was billed as the newer and darker side of Rhodes.

Sherri Martel

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    Sherri Martel will go down as one of the greatest female wrestlers of all time in the AWA and WWF.

    She also spent time as a manager in the WWF with Randy Savage and Shawn Michaels. And was the manager of Harlem Heat in WCW as "Sister Sherri."

    Martel was a little edgy and wore flamboyant clothing and over the top makeup as part of her gig. She talked like she was possessed and even acted a little odd (guess you had to be to be in professional wrestling).

    Her look alone makes this list.

James Mitchell

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    The Sinister Minister of wrestling.

    James Mitchell is one of the best wrestling characters around and I would love to see him back in TNA with Abyss or maybe with Joseph Park.

    The long hair and pointed eye brows are perfect for the wrestling circuit and definitely a character on Halloween.

    I would also love to see what he could do with someone like Tensai or even Brock Lesnar in the WWE.

Paul Bearer

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    Paul Bearer will go down in wrestling history as one of the 10 best personas ever.

    The manager of both The Undertaker and Kane, he is just as much a part of the lore and back story between the two.

    I love the character and whenever it is brought back to the company, it always gets loud pops from the crowd.

    The creepy sounds of his voice and the "white" look is one that cannot be forgotten on Halloween.

Papa Shango

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    Charles Wright did what he could to stay in the wrestling business.

    His two greatest personas were The Godfather (Pimpin' Ain't Easy) and Papa Shango.

    The character was a voodoo practitioner that in the WWF in 1992 and carried a skull to the ring billowing smoke and could control arena lights, allowing for strange goings on in the ring, and later could "cast spells" to cause opponents pain and to make them vomit.

    Pretty cool stuff.

The Boogeyman

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    Marty Wright gained popularity in the WWE as the Boogeyman, a wrestler who became a face in the company.

    Wright's shtick was to take anything the opponent gave him without selling it, much to the surprise of the fans of the WWE.

    He also spent time in ECW and on the independent circuit as Slither.


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    Kane is still one of the best in the WWE and one of the best all time in wrestling.

    And it seems the new gimmick with Daniel Bryan is a complete 180 from what he used to doing in the company.

    Glen Jacobs has been one of the mainstays in the WWE where his gimmick never gets old. Masked or unmasked, he is still a frightening sight and a popular one at that whether as a face or heel.

    Kane will forever be linked to the Undertaker and Paul Bearer. His work is solid and could be considered one of the more underrated wrestlers of his generation.

    When he summons fire from the four posts of he ring and the lights are red in the arenas, there is trouble on the horizon.

Andre the Giant

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    He is arguably the most popular wrestler to ever get inside a squared circle. He told the likes of Gordon Solie and a very young Vince McMahon he wanted to wrestle and make everyone happy.

    But in reality, there were few who were as scary a figure and an intimidating individual as Andre the Giant.

    Big, strong, powerful and basically dead weight in the ring, Andre's battles with the likes of the Mongolian Stomper, Killer Khan, Hulk Hogan and Big John Studd were legendary.

    And with a man over 7'4" and 500 pounds there weren't many bigger or stronger. And that is a scary thought.

The Road Warriors

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    They were ahead of their time with their face paint and their costumes and the fear they put in other wrestlers.

    Animal and Hawk were body builders in Minnesota before they were "discovered" and brought into professional wrestling.

    They were pure power and strength and went through their opponents like they were paper early on in their careers.

    Never before had anyone seen something like them as they were massive figures coming to the ring to the tune of "Ironman."

    While they were faces in WCW, their look and the way they yelled into microphones (thank goodness for Paul Ellering) just struck fear in everyone, including the announcers.


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    Scott Levy started out challenging the likes of Jerry Lawler in Memphis and trying to catch dates with Missy Hyatt (good choice).

    Then he moved on to WCW where he was "Scotty Flamingo" and then transformed into the unstable man that is Raven.

    Levy's alter ego was calculated and full of venom of his own brand and kept his "clock" in check.

    His vignettes and his psychotic speeches were the stuff of lore. His thuggish, 1990s Seattle grunge look was perfect for ECW and TNA.

    And loved punishment of any kind.

    A true classic.

Buzz Sawyer

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    If there was ever a wrestler who lived like he was dying, then Buzz Sawyer fit this description.

    A wild man in the ring who took on the likes of Tommy Rich in Atlanta, Sawyer was every bit the smaller version of Bruiser Brody.

    He fought in every kind of match, fought every type of wrestler and even joined forces with his brother Brett when need be to fight off the Road Warriors.

    There weren't many wrestlers who were as tough as Buzz Sawyer.

The Wild Samoans

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    They were truly one of the best characters in the WWF. They didn't speak but did their talking in the ring. They even beat on each other,

    Afa and Sika were wrestlers who struck fear in fans and opponents just by appearing in a ring.

    And with Capt. Lou Albano by their sides to talk for them and "help" them win, they were as wild a pair as you could have asked for in professional wrestling.

The Undertaker

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    There is no mistaking that the "Dead Man" persona is the best in the business.


    The pops Undertaker gets from the crowd and his entrance to the ring is the best ever. He is death, he is evil, he is destruction and the fans cannot get enough.

    Whoever came up with his character is a genius.

    And when the fire burns and the eyes rolls into the back of his head, he is without a doubt the best at what he does.