Yes, I Know Bobby Labonte Won All Three Series at Martinsville

Angela WolfContributor IMarch 13, 2009


Let's just keep it down about that—we don't want to jinx him. 

That may sound silly to some, but to others, it's a very real concern (and you know who you are). We all act a bit superstitious when it comes to wishing our drivers luck.

This serious yet sometimes compulsive behavior can be annoying. But hey, we have to do what we can to get our guy back in the winner's circle.

If a fan needs to make sure he watches from the same recliner he was in when his driver won previously, he may travel to his friend's house 500 miles away to do it. If he needs to make sure he uses the same beer koozie, he'll find it.

Don't forget all of those silent little prayers you say that no one else can hear. Anything for a little boost, no?

Now, in Bobby Labonte's case, my freaky little deal was saying: "No, please don't say he was a six-time winner at Atlanta before the race. Nobody do it. I can't hear it, or else. Please don't say it. No! No! No!"

After all, look where that got him the last several years in Atlanta.

I know that driving ability, a postive attitude, the pit chiefs and crews, owners, engineers, money, and sponsorships are what lead a driver to the checkered flag first.

It's probably not the peanut shells and green cars around, or Sterling Marlin's need for a bologna sandwich before a race, or the whole unlucky underwear thing.

But I'll tell you this NASCAR fans: It sure doesn't hurt to root for your driver, no matter what crazy fashion you may choose to do it in.

I have met many people at races, and some are the most down-to-Earth people you could meet. Don't let someone tell you you're crazy for the way you decide to prepare youself for one of the greatest sports out there. Just enjoy!

Now, gosh, I can't for the life of me remember what recliner I was in!

Quiet, Martinsville is coming up!

Please don't say know...go Bobby Labonte!