A-Rod's Injury: True, or a Cover-Up by Major League Baseball?

Brandon CaldwellCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2009

The other day I was sitting around talking to my buddies, and we were talking about the whole Alex Rodriguez hip injury situation.

It was then that one of my friends said to me how convenient it was for A-Rod, with all of the controversy, to miss the first two months of the season.

And then we thought, "No way...could it be? Could A-Rod have tested positive in the offseason, and this is baseball's way of covering it up?"

Some Bud Selig lovers would say, "No Way!"

But remember, this is the same guy who, in the original steroid penalties, wrote that players could fail the test, but if they gave him a certain amount of money, their names wouldn't be leaked to the media.

Who's got the most money of any player? A-Rod!

But why would baseball do this?

Well, the same reason why Selig ignored steroids for almost a decade. Money!

He has come out and said he thought he was going to suspend A-Rod for what he had done; so maybe it was a cover-up.

A hybrid surgery seems all too convenient for the Yankees.

The late answer by Brian Cashman on the A-Rod surgery may have been an appeal of the suspension.

When they didn't get the appeal, they may have falsified a story of the hybrid surgery so it would make sense to the fans.

Let's see if A-Rod misses exactly 50 games. The Yankees haven't put him on the DL yet, although Selig will probably let them.

I know, it sounds crazy, but it's not unbelievable. Nothing is anymore, and would I be surprised if this were true? Absolutely not!