Piston's Bad Coaching?

Chris FordContributor IMarch 13, 2009

When you look at the Detroit Pistons' roster the past seasons it makes you wonder how they could have a 32-31 record this year.

They have too many all-star caliber players for that kind of record. At times this season they have showed signs of greatness, but it has been overshadowed by the bad play.

Michael Curry's first controversial move: The benching of three-time all-star player Richard Hamilton in place of two-year man Rodney Stuckey.

There really isn't much justification you can make out of a move like that. There is no comparing the two because when both on their games, there's no way to tell whowill be the more productive on any given night.

He also seems to bench point guard Allen Iverson in crunch-time situations, which doesn't make much sense to most either.

Allen Iverson has the reputation of playing his best basketball in crunch-time situations.

Curry seems to favor Rodney Stuckey over Hamilton and Iverson. He rarely gives Iverson and Hamilton the opportunity to be on the floor together.

The other supporting players have a really good history too.

Rasheed Wallace, a four-time all-star, is an effective post-player and three-point shooter that makes him a duel threat player.

Tayshaun Prince who although hasn't made the cut as an all-star has certainly been in the conversation more than once. He is an underrated defender and a good mid-range and three-point shooter.

Richard Hamilton who is considered by many to be the best mid-range jump shooter in the league and a four-time all-star. He may have earned his spot (in Curry's mind) into permanently being in the starting lineup.

Allen Iverson who is a former NBA MVP and a 10-time all-star. He is considered by most to be one of the best point guards this league has ever seen. He is not receiving the playing time this year that he has in his past years. This is his first season to not be average 20 points in his 12 year career. Most blame Curry for this and not Iverson's age. As he comes back from his back-injury AI is looking to take the role as their sixth man

Antonio McDyess who is a big man that dominants the post and can nail the mid-range jumper from almost any angle.

Jason Maxiell who seems to be their momentum guy comes off the bench with a lot of intensity and makes high energy plays. Similar to Joaquim Noah's role with the Chicago Bulls.

Rodney Stuckey who is a two-year guy considered by many to be unworthy of the starting role is a guard who plays physical, can hit the jumper but also can drive the basket with conviction, and doesn't charge that often.

So the Pistons obviously have a really talented, well-rounded team. So it kind of makes people wonder the reason that their record isn't better then what it is. When a team has that many all-star caliber players than coaching becomes the concern. Many could definitely see Michael Curry being let go after this season if he has a disappointing playoff performance.