Someone Other Than the Detroit Tigers Got Pooped on at the World Series

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The Detroit Tigers have an ally in another who has been unmercifully pooped on this past week, and it's a San Francisco reporter. 

SportsGrid spotted this wonderful moment of a live report going south rather quickly. 

Paul Robins of FOX40, a Sacramento affiliate, and Bethany Crouch were doing a live taping at McCovey Cove next to AT&T Park. 

That's when a bird with Tigers affiliation took umbrage with what was being said. It could also be just one big coincidence that was thankfully caught on tape. 

Of course, you could say the first to get this kind of treatment were the Detroit Tigers who are leaving town with their own disgusting badge. 

The AL Champs are down 0-2 to the Giants, suffering a game 1 loss of 8-2 complemented by three Pablo Sandoval home runs and a game 2 disappointment of 2-0. 

The first thing someone says when you have this happen to you is, "Oh, it's good luck." No, it's really not, because good luck would be going the whole day without being doused in bird poo. 

This adage was obviously invented by someone who was pooped on and couldn't come to grips with the fact that the world sometimes poops on you. 

And so a good luck myth was born. 

However, if true, this just means the good times will keep on rolling for the Giants in Detroit. Still, we have to think there is one embarrassed bird in San Francisco right now. 

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