Miami Heat Fans, Wassup?! Why Is There an MJ No. 23 Hanging in the AA?

Ray StoneCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2009

I get upset about it and I am not even a Heat fan!

Everyone I ask about it seems to be totally perplexed by it.    

Why is that huge red and black Bulls jersey, No. 23 of course, hanging from the rafters in the American Airlines Arena? 

Did I miss something? 

Did Mike play for the Miami Heat at all? As far as I can remember, Mike only played against the Heat; and he torched them every time he came to South Beach. 

So WTF?  I don’t get it.

Air Jordan torched every team in the league for years, but only his Bulls team should have that Jersey hanging proudly in the arena! Right?

What does that say, “You kicked our ass so much, that we are going to honor you in our house?”  


This could NEVER happen in my hometown Detroit. There would be outrage. 

Complaints would come from everyone: The players, the fans, the hot dog guy, sports radio, the beat writers, and former Piston players alike. 

Take that s&*% down! 

Even Joe Dumars might protest, as he was our friendliest Bad Boy. 

But Bill Laimbeer, the head coach of the Detroit Shock?  Rick Mahorn, his assistant, and Pistons radio personality? Oh boy.  And don’t let Isiah Thomas find out!

They would find some ladders and knives as soon as they got a chance.  Guaranteed.

That is their house. Our house. 

The D-Wade poster they hand out at the AA has Wade looking hardcore (lol) with the words ‘This is my house’ on it. Well Dwyane, you sure have some funny decoration, I’ll tell you that.

Entering the Arena for the second time though I got to see that this is just a totally different type of sports town. The Celtic fans were out in force, but that is nothing strange for the World Champs I suppose. 

What was strange is the Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett jerseys that were for sale in the Heat team store.  Now what is that all about? 

You cannot buy a Garnett or any other non-Detroit jersey inside the Palace. Maybe at the local mall, but not in the Pistons’ official team store!!  Not a chance! That is for Piston fans only.

But this is a different type of world all together. South Beach definitely has a lot of artificial things to it. Fake people, breasts, money, booty, lips, etc. 

I guess this environment would not breed the purist fan base in the world, huh? Real, die-hard fans would not stand for that jersey sitting up there.

I really enjoyed the game as the hometown Heat defeated the Celtics before the 75 percent capacity crowd. The fans that were there cheered loudly and chanted for their MVP candidate and crew.

I watched them casually, wondering the same thing I do when I pass a beautiful topless woman sun bathing on the beach.

“Are they real?”