WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 Results: Was Dolph Ziggler the Biggest Loser at the PPV?

David LevinSenior Writer IIOctober 30, 2012


The WWE is doing the right thing. The momentum the company gained by a very good Hell in a Cell could now lead to a very good Survivor Series. And the fact that Team Mick Foley will meet Team CM Punk in a traditional Survivor Series Match is a good thing to build on for the next few weeks.

With all that was good about Sunday night and the successful Hell in a Cell matches we all saw (I want to remind everyone how wrong I was about it being a possible epic fail), could there have been more lost by Dolph Ziggler not cashing in his Money in the Back contract earlier in the year and the fact Big Show has the World title firmly around his waist?

The WWE is doing a great job of building up Ryback and reinventing both the Divas and Tag Team Divisions, but it seems to have dropped the ball now with Ziggler. I liken it to Cody Rhodes, who was on the same track as Ziggler and was never given the chance to wrestle for the World title. Now he is a successful tag team specialist with Damien Sandow, but he could have been a great singles champion.

And the thought of Ziggler, whom I still think can be just as good as Shawn Michaels or Chris Jericho in his prime, in a program with John Cena doesn’t exactly make me jump for joy with excitement. It is a chance to see new rivalries, but it also stunts Ziggler’s growth.

The WWE changed gears with their support of Ryback as the next big thing because of John Cena’s injury. It stymied Ziggler in a way.

When building on a superstar and giving them the push to the top of the ladder, the WWE used to stay in one place, not all over the map. This is a case of jumping ship and hanging your hat on something quick. It would be better if the WWE channeled its energy toward Ziggler, who is the future of this business.

While Ryback is great and powerful and left us speechless Sunday night, he is not long on this company and cannot last for a decade in the same capacity.

Ziggler can. And his persona is one that could easily change guard and become a “face” in the company, which it desperately needs right now.

But for the present, Ziggler was the big loser at Hell in a Cell. Now that he still has a contract and no one to cash in on, we will have to wait and see what happens.

Maybe Sheamus and Big Show go at it again at Survivor Series. But until then, we will have to see him dance with Cena and while it is entertaining, it does nothing to get Ziggler to the ultimate goal of winning the World title.

Right now, it looks like the WWE dropped the ball with one of its biggest stars and an opportunity to see a new champion crowned.