WWE Hell in a Cell 2012: Could Antonio Cesaro and Justin Gabriel Steal the Show?

Adam Nystrom@anystrom0Correspondent IIOctober 26, 2012

Photo Credit: WWE.com
Photo Credit: WWE.com

WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 is shaping up to be a packed card, with the main event of WWE Champion CM Punk vs. Ryback generating the most buzz across all forms of discussion.  The show will be supported by a healthy undercard of a World Heavyweight Championship Match featuring Sheamus vs. The Big Show with a possible cameo by Mr. Money in The Bank, Dolph Ziggler.  The Tag Team Championships will be on the line, Randy Orton and Alberto Del Rio have a personal score to settle and one more match will be taking place which I won't mention here in case people who watch SmackDown don't want it spoiled.

All that we need for the makings of a solid show is a rubber match in the newest rivalry to pop up on Raw.

During the October 15 episode of Raw, Antonio Cesaro had a match against Justin Gabriel.  While Gabriel got in some of his trademark high-flying offense, it wasn't long before Cesaro obliterated Gabriel in mid-air with a European uppercut followed by the Neutraliser for the victory.  Cesaro is obviously very well-liked by everyone in WWE, and it is awesome to see yet another Ring of Honor alumnus getting some attention on a much bigger stage.

I imagine I was as surprised as everyone else when they had a rematch during this past Monday's Raw and as totally shocked to see Justin Gabriel, a permanent background player who has yet to show any signs of life as a singles competitor, pull off one of the most amazing finishing moves in all of wrestling in the 450 Splash by pinning Antonio Cesaro cleanly in the middle of the ring.  For whatever reason, the crowd at the Izod Center had the energy of a Chinese opium den during this match, and that's their loss for not getting behind what was a hell of a match.

At this point, a title match has not been made between the two men.  With six matches booked for Hell in A Cell, Justin Gabriel vs. Antonio Cesaro would be a perfect addition to complete the lineup.  The clash of Gabriel's smooth high-flying against Cesaro's rugged brawling has already made for some great exchanges, and to do it in front of the crowd in Atlanta should finally give Gabriel the singles recognition he has needed since he debuted in the first year of NXT.

As for who should win if the match were to take place, I would like to see the belt kept on Cesaro for a bit longer.  He can do so much more as the Swiss intelligent man holding an American championship, and it is an easy heat-seeker at live events.  That being said, Gabriel might just be the guy to keep pursuing Cesaro if he gets close enough at Hell in A Cell and just barely falls short of victory.  I might be getting my hopes up too much here, but how about a best of five or seven series between the men?  The United States Championship was at the center of one of these types of series, with both John Cena and Chris Benoit wrestling Booker T in multiple matches over several weeks to determine who was the true champion.

Putting on a great 10-minute match somewhere in the middle of the show would be an excellent call, and here is something else to chew on: Tyson Kidd.  While Gabriel gets all the spotlight for his United States title opportunities, the tag team the two men formed this year has gone nowhere.  They were eliminated in the first round of the tournament and have not scored any significant victories.  If Justin Gabriel were to rise to prominence in the US Title division, this could create a rift between the two and cause a temporary or permanent split of the team, resulting in Kidd vs. Gabriel, and that would be one hell of a match.

Meanwhile, whether Cesaro becomes champion or not, he displayed an unbelievable amount of strength when he hit Brodus Clay with his finishing move...something Ryback was not able to do to Tensai.  Cesaro could go on to perform feats of strength, outwrestling and pinning men bigger than him like Tensai, The Big Show, Mark Henry if and when he returns, and eventually the brick wall known as Ryback, the all-American wrecking machine. 

These ideas all start with making Justin Gabriel vs. Antonio Cesaro for the United States Championship happen this Sunday at Hell in A Cell.  It would be another great match after the two they have already had together, and they would have a chance to demonstrate a few things we have not seen already.  Both of them are finally engaged in their first big singles battle, and I hope it turns into something bigger when they go their separate ways.