NCAA Tournament: You Call it Madness, I Call it Love

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IMarch 20, 2008

The NCAA Tourney Is Out Of Control...and we love it!!

That's why I like Austin Peay.

So what? Can't I have a little fun once in a while? I mean, there's a bracket pool on Staten Island worth a million bucks, I hear.

Of course, I'm not in it...

This is the weekend when schools we never heard of get walloped in basketball by perennial superpowers on national television. And we go crazy trying to guess which game CBS is going to show us.

Looking at the grid...Who are these teams? 

Duke is playing Belmont. Is that the Belmont in the Bronx, where Dion and the Belmonts are from, or the racetrack in Queens?

Georgetown is up against UMBC. Who are they, a radio station in Iowa?

Tennessee vs. American. So, if you root for Tennessee, you are essentially un-American.

My choice this year is Austin Peay. Why? Why not?

First of all, is it Peay as in 'pay the bill' or Peay as in 'watch my drink, I have to pee?' 

AP opens up against Texas. One guy against a whole state! Gotta take the underdog. Does anyone know who Austin Peay was, where it is, or anyone who ever went there?

No? Well, it's about time we found out.

What's the difference between St. Mary's and Mt. St. Mary's? Yes, I know, one is on a mountain and one is not. Thanks.

I knew a girl who went to Siena...Ooh I better stop there.

Finally, isn't Oral Roberts the punchline to a joke about two gay guys named Bob?

And when is that 70-foot Jesus going to play? 

Enjoy the games!!!