A Non-NASCAR Weekend

Reno SouthContributor IJune 28, 2016

Well, here we are four weeks into the NASCAR season, and we're already getting our first break. That's right, NASCAR wouldn't want to keep us tuning in every Sunday—afraid they might attract an audience I guess.

So lets take a week off, and kill any momentum or hype that's built up in the season's first month of racing.

Bristol will be the site of next week's race, and being the fifth race of the new season, it will be the last time that last year's points are used. After the fifth race, the points, that guarantee a starting berth, will change over to the current year.

So get ready for some exciting points racing from the world's fastest half mile next Sunday.

NASCAR ruined Bristol's late August night race by having the 'Chase' begin soon after. That led everyone to tippytoe, and points race at Bristol for the last few years.

Now, we get two Bristol races without the wild racing from just a few years ago. Whoot, whoot!

Only one note left over from Atlanta. Marcos Ambrose's crew man. Yeah, that guy. A four race suspension isn't enough for some mouth-breather, that changed the complexion of a race. One year, and an I.Q. test, before he's reinstated.

Those cars are scary fast, under green, while standing behind pit wall. Could not imagine someone being of sound mind if they go out onto the grass infield during the race.

This weekend, the 14th edition of the  Concours d'Elegance auto show is in Amelia Island, FL. It's being held at the Ritz-Carlton on The Golf Club of Amelia Island at Summer Beach. This show features hundreds of road and track autos from the last 100 years.

This year's Concours honoree is David Hobbs. By the way, Hobbs is more interesting than any TV guy in NASCAR. But, he's being honored for his stellar racing career, not his brilliance on the F-1 telecasts. Other racers at the show will include Johnny Rutherford, Jim Rathman, Parnelli Jones, and Bobby Unser. Keep the liquor cabinets locked, folks.

I'll be on the scene—hey, who locked the liquor cabinets?  And I'll have some pics next week. Here's the link to the Concours...