ESPN's Stephen A. Smith Allegedly Drops Racial Epithet on 'First Take'

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 25, 2012

Stephen A. Smith allegedly dropped an N-bomb that has caused mass destruction across the Internet. 

When live TV goes wrong, it can be hilarious or controversial. For ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, it erred on the wrong side that you never want to traipse. 

Thanks to Big Lead Sports, we have video of Stephen A. Smith possibly dropping a racially-charged word—albeit with no ill will attached—while he chats with Dahntay Jones.

However, you must get your Internet ear muffs out, because language is NSFW.

As Big Lead Sports asserts, it certainly sounds like Smith says what we think he says, but there is no guarantee. 

He very well could be trying out a new catch phrase of, "Tigga please," for all the big-game cats in the audience. 

The blurt is a jumbled mess that sounds an awful like something that will need an immediate apology—unless ESPN is planning on working blue from here on out. 

I am not a fan of First Take, which is the equivalent of getting opinions stuffed down your throat as if sports foie gras were being made. 

Both Skip Bayless—the other talking head to host the show—and Smith have an opinion on every subject, and exacerbate that fact by treating each issue with life-or-death passion. 

Calm down, y'all. It's just sports. 

So you can see how something like this could happen, as each man becomes a caricature of themselves, a cartoon. 

It becomes rather easy to say something you wouldn't normally, and say it on live air. 

As for Smith, my real issue is the constant berating of opinions he and Skip Bayless do on First Take, because nobody cares this much about Kobe Bryant's sprained foot. 

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