The Nickel: The Road to Wrestlemania Storms Into Smackdown Tonight

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 13, 2009

Hardy vs Hardy

Triple H vs Orton has exploded, Vickie, Big Show, and Edge have imploded, and the Money In The Bank will have all eight competitors after tonight. The Hardys are left. Time is running out and something has to give.

WWE have stalled long enough and the fists have to fly...tonight. Though I could be wrong, I have a strong feeling that Matt will cross the line of no return just like Orton did to Triple H. It's time to see the Hardys get a little "extreme" tonight.


Finlay is supposed to defeat Brian Kendrick to gain the last MITB spot tonight. My heart aches. I wanted R-Truth to be on the match. He has a slew of aerial and flashy moves. If  anyone can put on a show, its Truth.

Finlay used to be a favorite, but he's a joke now running around with Hornswoggle and stuff. My favorite in the match is Benjamin, but MVP heavily dampers his chances. Then there is captain charisma himself. Come April 5, we'll see who has the money in the bank.

Edge/Show/Cena "Transition"

We all knew Big Show was snooping around with Vickie, but DAMN! John Cena showed a tape of the two doing some things that make me want to rip my guts out. Edge was livid. He was so livid that he only asked Vickie one question and sat down for the rest of the segment.

Big Show left the ring and Vickie feared for her life while Cena smiled away on the stage. Edge needs to blow the casket tonight. In this triple threat, Edge is the only one who hasn't really done anything. Big Show made a big splash getting into the Wrestlemania main event, it was unexpected to me.

Cena has been going nuts to get into the match and did. Cena then reveals the tape on RAW. What has Edge done? The World Heavyweight champion has been left in the dark and tonight just might be his night.

Orton and Triple H

Triple H gotreal personal with Orton on RAW. Triple H invaded his home with his sledgehammer and fought Orton. Unfortunately, Orton found himself flying through his window onto his front lawn. Trips was arrested and went to jail. Is he out? Will he be on Smackdown?

Hopefully Orton and or Legacy makes an appearance on Smackdown and further push this story. The way this is going, it could be the feud of the decade. WWE needs to do the right thing and have Triple H on Smackdown tonight. I have a feeling the feud won't pick up again until Monday night RAW.

HBK/Taker feud

I'm sorry, but how much longer will the two go without fighting? I love this angle and I'm anticipating the match at Wrestlemania. HBK practices his religion on Tuesdays when Smackdown are taped, so seeing him on Smackdown will be rare. We probably will see another Taker segment an or a match tonight.

As the road to Wrestlemania continues is alright that the two men might not actually touch one another until their showdown? RAW they will tag against Koslov and JBL, we'll see it they can cooperate together.