WWE: 5 Superstars Who Could Be Future World Heavyweight Champions

Rachel Wood@@rachelwweContributor IIIOctober 25, 2012

WWE: 5 Superstars Who Could Be Future World Heavyweight Champions

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    Current World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus has been having an impressive title run. Since beating Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania this year, he has been unstoppable.

    But who out of the current roster could be the next champ?

    Many critics of the WWE say that new superstars need to be pushed, instead of relying on the same wrestlers for the main events.

    This list will suggest some possible contenders for the title who have not yet had heavyweight championship reigns.

5. Cody Rhodes

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    Rhodes had an impressive run as Intercontinental Champion earlier this year.

    His changes in character from a dashing narcissist, to a deranged masked man, to a solid heel have been well thought out and perfectly executed. Cody had all the momentum after dropping his Intercontinental title to make himself known in the World Heavyweight Championship picture.

    Unfortunately, former World Champions such as Big Show and Del Rio have dominated the title scene.

    Cody is now in a good tag team with Damien Sandow, but WWE should see the potential in this young superstar and build him up once more in singles competition.

    Cody Rhodes has all the talent to be a big star in the WWE, hopefully in the very near future.

4. Ryback

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    We will have to wait until this Sunday at Hell in a Cell to see if Ryback’s position in the WWE changes drastically after his match with CM Punk for the WWE Championship.

    But say Ryback was to come out of this feud defeated, he would be an excellent candidate to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship.

    He is being well received by the fans at the moment and has the backing to be one of the top draws in the company, so a spot as champion on SmackDown could definitely give a boost to WWE’s b-show, which is currently lacking in established superstars to give prestige to the Heavyweight title.

3. Drew McIntyre

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    This may seem like a long shot, but stay with me on this one.

    Drew is currently involved in newly formed stable ‘3MB’ with fellow superstars Jinder Mahal and Heath Slater.

    Like many fans, this writer cannot see bright, shiny things in the future for this group.

    However, there is great potential in McIntyre, although the 6’5’’ Scot has not had the picture-perfect career in the WWE so far.

    After apparently being Vince McMahon’s ‘chosen one,' Drew has been involved in feuds with former SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long, has been fired numerous times and until recently, mainly appeared on WWE show ‘Superstars.'

    There could be a possible storyline with McMahon in the future, which would definitely bring Drew back to prominence. Although, just like Rhodes, McIntyre will need to climb his way back up through singles competition if he is to get a shot at the Heavyweight title.

2. Dolph Ziggler

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    OK, so technically Dolph has been World Heavyweight Champion.

    But with Vickie Guerrero awarding him the title and a reign that lasted just over 10 minutes, it’s safe to say that many fans don’t recognize him as a former champ.

    Nevertheless, Ziggler has worked his way back up again and is now the SmackDown 'Money in the Bank' briefcase holder, which almost guarantees him a title reign. When or where Dolph will cash in the contract will be a surprise, but most of the WWE Universe are eager to see him as champion.

    Dolph has definitely paid his dues in the WWE, and with his astonishing ring work and his easy-to-hate heel character, Ziggler has already been compared to a young Shawn Michaels.

    As long as Dolph carries on in this way, he will hopefully have a successful World Heavyweight Championship reign.

1. Wade Barrett

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    The NXT Season 1 winner has achieved a few things since his emergence back in 2010.

    Barrett had a very good run as the leader of Nexus, managed to capture the Intercontinental Championship as part of The Corre and had a brilliant feud with Randy Orton.

    Unfortunately, Barrett’s dislocated elbow put a stop to his in-ring competition for six months.

    For the past few weeks though, WWE has been using Barrett in matches with current heavyweight champ, Sheamus. Not only have these been well received by the fans, but they have showcased what an excellent worker Barrett is.

    He plays a great heel and could be seen as a legitimate threat to Sheamus’ title.

    I just hope that WWE have been watching closely over the past few weeks and are taking notice of Barrett—he has the capacity to be a key Superstar in the future of the WWE, and being World Heavyweight Champion would be a great start in his road to success.