Have You Seen Jesper Parnevik's 'Gangnam Style' Video Yet?

Fred AltvaterContributor IIOctober 25, 2012

Jesper Parnevik has always been entertaining.
Jesper Parnevik has always been entertaining.David Cannon/Getty Images

Jesper Parnevik won over $15 million and five events on the PGA Tour.  He added four more wins on the European Tour.

He is 47 years old and has struggled over the past few years to compete with the young guys that dominate the golf world today.

Parnevik, nicknamed “Spaceman,” has always been known for his edgy style on and off the golf course.  For years, he sported the bicycle cap with the upturned bill.  His typical wardrobe ensemble featured snug European-cut trousers and bright colors that got him camera time at every tournament.  He has been described as eclectic and flamboyant—both understatements.

Perhaps Parnevik's real claim to fame is the fact that he is credited with introducing his au pair, Elin Nordegren, to Tiger Woods.  Well, you know the rest of that story.

He injured his hand in a boating accident and played on tour in 2012 with a medical exemption.  Of the 14 events that he has entered over the past two years, he has only made four cuts and earned $48,000.

Evidently, Parnevik has had too much time on his hands, because he made this video that is taking the golf world by storm.

Parnevik was the son of a famous Swedish entertainer.  He must be trying to channel some of those early comedy bits that he watched his father perform.

Yesterday during the PGA's Grand Slam of Golf, Bubba Watson mentioned in a interview on TNT that the Golf Boys may also produce a new video later this year. 

Is this what the modern golf game has come to?