That Sucked: Montreal Canadiens Lose To Last-Place Islanders...Again!

Jason HitelmanCorrespondent IMarch 13, 2009

I feel your pain, Dawson.  What a night.

Sometimes it's quite difficult to watch the Habs.  In a game we should have dominated, we lost to the worst team in the NHL, the New York Islanders, 3-2 in overtime.

It was like watching two different teams play in one night.  Actually, it was like watching two different teams play in one period!  I can't understand how, at times, we looked so fluid in the offensive zone, but we just couldn't contain the opposition in our own.

It's not like the Islanders have a potent offence.  There was no reason for them to have had 39 shots on net.  The Habs just stopped playing defence midway through the first period.

Carey Price did not deserve a loss last night.  He was the only player out on the ice.  He made some brilliant stops and, I think it's safe to say, he's back (I hope).

Mark Streit, along with having a rocket of a shot, looked like a top-tier NHL defenseman last night.  It made me angry; not because we didn't sign him, but because he NEVER played a game like that for the Canadiens.

As expected, Yann Danis was stellar last night.  He played like a successful, seasoned veteran should.  He is, after all, a perennial Vezina Trophy nominee, isn't he?  Oh wait...

There may be a little problem.  I think that the Montreal Canadiens players are having a very tough time understanding that they have to beat teams that are worse than them.

Bob Gainey addressed it in his press conference after firing Carbo.  With all of the talent on our team, where is the cohesiveness?  Where is the ability to put three good periods of hockey together?

While watching the game last night, I received a text message from my friend.  It said "We miss AK27", who was out with the flu.  I responded, "We miss Stephane Richer."

There is no one on our team who can score goals.  I thought it was Andrei Kostitsyn, but he was just dogging it last night.

I am very frustrated.  But moving on, the New Jersey Devils are in town on Saturday. They have a very good shot at winning the conference.  They are a much better team than the Montreal Canadiens.  

That being said, I think we have a good chance of beating them.