Greg Bryant: Which Team in 5-Star RB's Final Four Holds the Greatest Edge?

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIOctober 25, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Five-star running back Greg Bryant has narrowed his list down two a final four—Florida State, Auburn, Oklahoma and South Carolina—but which of these major programs holds an edge for the talented back?

Amy Campbell of reports Bryant talking about his top four:

“I have four schools (in it), Florida State, Auburn, Oklahoma, and South Carolina,” he said.

He goes on to say that he doesn't have a favorite, but these quotes about a certain ACC school could be very telling as to who really has the edge, via Campbell's report:

“Florida State is coming pretty hard, Oklahoma and Auburn. All of them are really coming the same, but I think Florida State is coming at me the most,” he said.

“They’ve been winning ball games, I like everything about Florida State.”

It is interesting to note that Bryant does say that he'll be taking an official visit to Oklahoma—he was once committed to the Sooners before decommitting—but at least for right now, Florida State holds the greatest advantage for the 5-star running back.

Oklahoma would be a great option, but I firmly believe the chances of him committing, decommitting and committing again are pretty low, especially considering the Sooners already have a commitment from 5-star running back Keith Ford.

While Auburn and South Carolina are attractive SEC schools, the Tigers are currently experiencing a horrible 1-6 season that really diminishes their appeal, and the Gamecocks have basically shown us that they may not be the national contenders we thought they could be with ugly losses to LSU and then Florida. There's no doubting that recruiting is about selling the future, but the present situation for both of those SEC schools will hinder them.

That leaves the Florida State Seminoles, who have to be feeling good about their chances of winning the ACC year-in and year-out, and have a great recruiter at the helm in head coach Jimbo Fisher.

FSU holds the proximity advantage, Bryant is from Delray Beach, Florida, and at least according to his quotes via Campbell's report, they've been recruiting him very aggressively. The fact that they are 7-1 helps them out as well.

They also have room for an elite back like Bryant. Fisher's 2013 class still only has 16 commitments, and just one of those commitments is a running back in 4-star Ryan Green.

Bryant could feel good about having the chance to be the feature recruit in Florida State's class, and when it comes time to hit the field he certainly has the talent to be a featured running back for the Seminoles.

The 5-star running back has four great programs high on his list, but if you're asking me, the Florida State Seminoles have the greatest edge for his commitment.

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