San Francisco Giants Prove Huge Payroll Not Needed to Win Championships

Sammy MakkiAnalyst IOctober 25, 2012

Pablo Sandoval's three home runs led the Giants to a Game 1 win
Pablo Sandoval's three home runs led the Giants to a Game 1 winDoug Pensinger/Getty Images

Do you want to know what's great about the San Francisco Giants' success over the past three seasons? The fact that they're doing it the hard way. Of course, they have plenty of talent. In fact, the Giants have way more talent on their roster now than they did when they won the World Series in 2010. That was a roster of veteran role players who came together to get hot when it mattered most.

This year's team has the likely MVP in catcher Buster Posey and Cy Young candidate Matt Cain. Both of these players were on the team two years ago, but now a rejuvenated Barry Zito is pitching like his A's days and Pablo Sandoval seems to have matured. Both of these players helped lead the Giants to a Game 1 win in the 2012 World Series.

But looking at how other teams try and win makes this run by the Giants that much sweeter. The prime examples of that are the New York Yankees and Washington Nationals.

It's hard to believe the Yankees, with their roster, can be swept by any team in a postseason. They continuously try to win the "Yankees Way," by spending as much money as possible and running right through the league, even if it means signing players who are all-or-nothing, such as Curtis Granderson. They hope that bringing in power-hitting lefties to Yankee Stadium, with its right field porch, will make the difference.

Then you have the Nationals, an organization that failed so miserably in its first seven seasons, but with a mixture of superb draft selections and expensive acquisitions, thought they'd have an easy path to the Series after winning an MLB-high 98 games.

Both of those teams failed to live up to the hype. Both led their league in wins, but lost to teams that were more clutch in key spots.




Meanwhile, the Giants are three wins away from winning two titles in three seasons and are doing it with guys like Angel Pagan, Marco Scutaro and Gregor Blanco. Even closer Sergio Romo, who is replacing Brian Wilson, has come out of obscurity to help his team win games.

The Yankees lost Mariano Rivera and replaced him with highly paid reliever Rafael Soriano. He did the job for them this season, but it didn't mean anything at the end.

The reason why we all root for teams like the Giants is to help show other teams that try to buy championships that it can be done the hard way.

The Giants are sure doing it the hard way this postseason, having gone 6-0 in elimination games. They are also winning with pure talent, not with overpaid players that fail in the clutch.