10 Red Sox Players Who Should Be Replaced This Offseason

Sean Delorge@@sdelorgeCorrespondent IIIOctober 25, 2012

10 Red Sox Players Who Should Be Replaced This Offseason

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    The Boston Red Sox have started to fix the team by bringing in John Farrell, now they need to shift their focus towards players that need to be replaced.

    While hiring a new manager was a start, that was not the prime reason why the Red Sox struggled in 2012.

    For players that still have value the team should try and get something In return for them, but for aging or useless players the Red Sox can non-tender them.

    Here are ten players that should be replaced this offseason.

Alfredo Aceves, P (trade or Non-Tender)

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    Alfredo Aceves had a rough start to the season, but rebounded nicely.

    From April 23 through July 29, Aceves posted a 2.34 ERA and converted 20 of his 23 save opportunities.

    However, once the calendar turned to August he fell apart posting an 8.42 ERA, blowing three saves in six opportunities and posting a 0-4 record.

    Overall, Aceves can be a valuable pitcher, but his clubhouse antics make him expendable. Bobby Valentine took a hard line with Aceves and management needs to do the same and either trade him or non-tender the 29-year-old.

Aaron Cook, P (Non-Tender)

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    Aaron Cook never fit in at Fenway Park and struggled the entire season.

    Though he was able to induce ground balls, when batters made contact it was solid seeing as 37% of opponents hits resulted in extra bases.

    Additionally, Cook’s strikeout rate was a career low 4.9%.

    Overall the former Rockies pitchers didn’t seem like he could handle American League lineups and is better suited for the National League.

Daisuke Matsuzaka, P (Non-Tender)

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    The end of the Daisuke Matsuzaka experiment has been imminent since he underwent Tommy John surgery last year.

    Matsuzaka never delivered on the $103 million investment the Red Sox made in him.

    After the aberration that was 2008, Matsuzaka fell apart and was on the DL at least once per season from 2009-2012.

    The nibbling righthander will now have the option of returning to Japan or testing the waters in the National League where he may have more success.

Vicente Padilla, P (Non-Tender)

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    Even though Vicente Padilla had a decent year in Boston, at 35 years old it is time for the Red Sox to move on.

    Ironically, Padilla, who is a bit of a head case, was one of the four players that went to Johnny Pesky’s funeral service.

    Through to no fault of his own, Padilla, who posted a 4.50 ERA, will probably need to relocate next season if he wants to extend his 14-year career.

James Loney, 1B (Non-Tender)

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    James Loney, who was the only starting major leaguer the Red Sox received in the trade with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

    Loney will have a short stint in Boston and be looking to find a new team in the offseason.

    The light-hitting first baseman failed to impress during the final month and a half of the season. Loney hit a measly .230 to go along with just two home runs in 100 at bats.

    The Red Sox will look to find a player capable of hitting more than 20 home runs or at least hit better than .280, something Loney hasn’t done since 2009.

Scott Podsednik, Outfield (Non-Tender)

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    The 36-year-old Scott Podsednik batted .302 in 63 games for the Red Sox.

    He stepped in and played above-average defense, but the aging outfielder was a temporary fix for Boston in 2012.

    Moving forward, the Red Sox will look to get younger and Podsednik doesn’t fit into their plans.

Ryan Sweeney, Outfield (non-Tender)

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    While injuries may have been part of the reason why Ryan Sweeney struggled, his .167 batting average over his last 35 appearances is the reason why he won't return to Boston in 2013.

    After a hot start where the 27-year-old batted .353, hit 13 doubles and had a .500 slugging percentage, Sweeney struggled in his final 35 appearances.

    Frustration boiled over and Sweeney landed on the 60-day DL after he punched a door in the dugout.

    Between the lack of discipline shown and his overall lack of power, Sweeney should be non-tendered this offseason.

Jacoby Ellsbury, Outfield (Trade)

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    After having a MVP-caliber season in 2011, Jacoby Ellsbury regressed significantly in 2012.

    Ellsbury struggled out of the gate, but things got worse when he separated his shoulder and missed the next two months.

    When he returned he was less than impressive and finished the year batting .271 with just four home runs in 74 games.

    If the Red Sox have any chance of success in 2013, Ellsbury will need to rebound.

    However, with just one year left until he becomes a free agent, the inconsistent and often injured Ellsbury could be valuable trade bait in the offseason.

Ryan Kalish, Outfield (Trade)

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    Similar to Jacoby Ellsbury, one of Ryan Kalish’s biggest problems is staying healthy.

    The dynamic 24-year-old outfielder has missed time in just about every season of his professional career.

    Unless Kalish figures out how to prevent injuries from happening he may never live up to expectations.

    As the team looks to make moves in the offseason, Kalish could be used in trades to acquire pitching or a first baseman.

Scott Atchison, P (Non-Tender)

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    The 36-year-old Scott Atchison had a career year in 2012.

    However, with the Red Sox looking to get younger and the high probability that his performance was a flash in the pan, the Red Sox will move on from the aging veteran.

    Atchison should have no problem securing a one-year-deal from a contending team looking to add a piece to the end of their bullpen, but for the Red Sox they need to make room for someone they can keep long term.