Jay Cutler Trade: Are You Kidding??

Jayson FeatherstoneContributor IMarch 13, 2009

Wow, it amazes me that fans in Denver would let Josh McDaniels even breathe if Jay was traded out. There is something to say about Jay that people are not saying and that is he is tough. Who has Denver had since Elway?

Jake almost got them there and shot the finger every now and then. But to live up to the expectations of even the mildest of Denver fans is a tough order to fill.

Matt Cassel would have been eaten alive in Denver. Josh needs to realize that he is not in New England anymore and remember the team that beat them regularly in almost every matchup in the past ten years was Denver.

There are traditions in this franchise that are better off left alone. I recall a time when John Elway was going to be traded because Dan Reeves said Elway could not win the "big one." So lets take a look on how that all worked out.

The Broncos lose Super Bowl 55-10 to the 49ers. Talk is rampant that the Broncos and Elway "can’t win the big one." The Broncos follow a Super Bowl season with a 5-11 season, including a six-game losing streak.

Elway and Denver coach Dan Reeves continue their long-term, love-hate relationship. Elway is given the right to call his own plays, which only seems to add to the conflict between him and Reeves. Their tense relationship is discussed extensively by the national media.

The Broncos lose 10-7 to the Bills in the AFC Championship game. Then, the Broncos draft Tommy Maddox in the first round to eventually replace Elway.

The Broncos suffer a disastrous 1994, losing their first four games, and head coach Wade Phillips is fired. The Broncos draft Terrell Davis in the seventh round.

Mike Shanahan becomes head coach, and the Broncos finish 8-8. Elway becomes the winningest quarterback in NFL history. But the Jaguars upset the Broncos 30-27 at Mile High Stadium.

The Broncos win the wild card game 42-17 over the Jaguars, go to Kansas City and Pittsburgh to beat the Chiefs 14-10 and the Steelers 24-21. Then, they upset the Packers 31-24 in the Super Bowl. Finally, Elway and the franchise win their first championship.

The Broncos win their first 13 games of 1998, Terrell Davis challenges the all-time single-season rushing record, and the Broncos go to the AFC championship game against the Jets. They win, and, of course, win the Super Bowl, beating the Atlanta Falcons and Dan Reeves

So yes, some changes need to be made in Denver. Be realistic though, and get rid of Champ Bailey, who constantly gets beat deep. Pick up back in the sixth round like Ian Johnson. Finally, let Jay Cutler breathe. Yes, I know he is no John Elway and who could replace him? Nobody, but what do you think Matt Cassel is going to do?