The Funniest Sports Reporter Fails

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIOctober 25, 2012

The Funniest Sports Reporter Fails

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    Sideline journalism is a tricky art. Attempting to control boiling head coaches and avoid wild passes is a process many have tried and few have survived.

    Only in sports are those who have failed embraced. Their mistakes provide absolute comedy on an otherwise stale field of play.

    Like a walrus dancing to "Smooth Criminal," sports reporting fails don't come around often. But when they do, they're always special.

    Here are the classiest instances.

20. A Sky Sports Entrance

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    If there's one thing that Sky Sports has taught us, it's that comedy over quality is the road worth traveling.

    Chris Kamara, a former English footballer himself, is no reporter. He's simply a legend.

19. Charles Barkley Gets Punk'd

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    Calling Sir Charles a "reporter" might be a stretch, but the Round Mound of Rebound has certainly become a mainstay on the NBA analysis scene.

    His initiation continues...

    I'm Charles Barkley?

18. Dwight Howard's Popularity

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    You'd think the Lakers' new star center had never been hit on by a male reporter before. Things only spiraled from there.

    Personally, we'd prefer kelly green to the nectarine orange.

17. Tiger Woods' Prognosis

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    Is that a bulging disc, or are you just happy to see me?

    The reporter was apparently flattered, though terribly wrong.

16. James Bates Slips

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    James Bates might have been too "ready to rock."

    He played it off like a champ. Rough and tough.

15. The Football Crowd

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    This reporter's failure to realize that she is being properly courted behind the scenes makes this raw footage record breaking.

    Soccer once again offers us quality television.

14. John Wall Smells a Question

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    Whether that was a trumpet or flapping cheeks doesn't matter. Only bodily noises can improve any interview.

    With one fearless push, this routine athlete-reporter exchange instantly became pure greatness.

13. NFL Network Nuisance

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    The life of a professional football journalist is no precious package of sweets and crumpets.

    NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport showed fans the true treachery behind sports reporting when he was the victim of a possibly wild and possibly planned throw during the Texans-Packers pregame.

    He handled it with class, like chestnuts roasting on an open fire.

12. Another One Bites the Dust

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    Beware of flying soccer balls.

    As well as disturbing slow-motion recaps.

11. A Sky Sports Finish

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    Riveting theater at its finest.

    Sky Sports once again presents a gift of obscurity to its inspired viewers. Compelling, and rich.

10. Rampage Jackson Trains Champions

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    Where'd you get your rulebook,

    Nerd 1, Rampage 0

9. The Art of Promotion

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    You saw it here first. This talented reporter completed the mythical 360 flip to nose manual nollie face plant.

    For centuries, riders have attempted the impossible. And until now, they've failed.

8. Mark and Tim's Bogus Journey

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    Now that we got that cleared up...

    At least the real Tim got a dose of a similar brand of medicine. His reaction, like Mark's, was legendary.

7. Mike Francesa Counts Sheep

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    WFAN radio host Mike Francesa, routinely perky and overly opinionated, faded faster than the Mets in September when listening to Sweeny Murti's upbeat Yankee report.

    This is one nap he's sure to never live down.

6. A Trolling Nightmare

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    She looks as uncomfortable as a wedgie at prom, but this sports reporter still finishes the job.

    Way to hang in there.

5. How to Address an Audience

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    Reporter Charles Clinton is having a tough time reporting this Michigan hockey game, as if he were a bear reporting on a hockey game, but that doesn't keep him from playing by the rules.

    Guys, guys, guys.

4. Good Neighbors in Los Angeles

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    Let's be real, the Good Neighbor crew never fails, like beavers gnawing on wood.

    "Couldn't have said it better without the...myself."

3. Legend of the Alpaca

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    Necessary addition to ESPN job application: Must have experience in taming any domesticated species of South American camelid.

    The mighty alpaca never fails to protect his territory.

2. A KCRA Sports Broadcast

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    Following a smooth start, capped by a thigh-slapping "might as well call them the Rally Cats" punchline, Damany Lewis crumbles.

    Whoa, Tacoma.

1. Boom Goes the Dynamite

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    Brian Collins definitely loves lamp, and not just because he's looking at things and saying he loves them.

    Legendary lines, historic presentation.

    Follow me for more fiery fails.