WWE Hell in a Cell 2012: 4 Twists the Sheamus-Big Show Match Could Take

Nick HouserCorrespondent IIOctober 24, 2012

WWE Hell in a Cell 2012: 4 Twists the Sheamus-Big Show Match Could Take

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    WWE Hell in a Cell 2012 takes place on Oct. 28 when World Heavyweight champion Sheamus takes on the Big Show. Outside of Sheamus winning outright, the end to this match might surprise many.

    There's a couple of things to know.

    First, Mr. Money in the Bank Dolph Ziggler has already promised he will cash in his contract at Hell in a Cell. One can assume that means his intentions are genuine no matter who the winner is.

    Second, the Big Show once held the World Heavyweight title for an embarrassing 45 seconds. There's a chance this plays into Hell in a Cell's outcome.

    Lastly, Sheamus allegedly has the support of Triple H, who has the ability to pull strings behind the scenes when it comes to creative. This is evidenced by Sheamus' WrestleMania match earlier in the year in which he won the title in 18 seconds. He's held the belt for over 200 days.

    The match itself isn't overwhelmingly interesting.

    Rather, it's the outcome that has the WWE Universe intrigued. Here are four twists the match can (and should) take that will have us talking.

The Obvious Outcomes

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    Before we get into the surprises, let's spend a moment to discuss the outcomes that wouldn't be all that shocking. Here's a breakdown of each.


    No. 1: Sheamus wins and there's no cash-in

    After officially declaring he will cash in at Hell in a Cell, it would be somewhat of a surprise if Dolph Ziggler did not cash in his Money in the Bank contract. However, he's changed his mind and been interrupted so many times in the past that this scenario would make sense.

    The move keeps the belt on Sheamus and the contract in Ziggler's hands for even longer. No harm, no foul.


    No. 2: Sheamus wins and Ziggler effectively cashes in

    This is the scenario that may be the most heavily rooted for. The WWE Universe and IWC are expecting Ziggler to cash in. Not only that, both groups are likely expecting for Ziggler's cash-in to be a success.

    If Sheamus does win and Ziggler takes advantage of a weaker opponent, stealing a victory and the World Heavyweight Championship, it makes complete sense.


    No. 3: Big Show wins and Ziggler effectively cashes in

    This would be yet another obvious end result. The Big Show already owns one 45-second reign. With Ziggler owning the contract, it would be all too perfect to have Show win and Ziggler beat him in 45 seconds or less.

    It wouldn't shock anyone. That's been just about how Show's career has gone thus far.

    This outcome would also serve as the perfect way to transition the belt from Sheamus to Ziggler.

Wade Barrett Involves Himself

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    It's incredibly obvious that Sheamus and Wade Barrett have chemistry in the ring.

    The WWE sees it. They must. That's the only explanation for why these two have had several matches and run-ins since Barrett's return. After few squash matches, Barrett immediately jumped into the World Heavyweight scene where he's thrived.

    He has to be next in line.

    There's just one problem: Big Show has the shot and Dolph Ziggler possesses the contract.

    Luckily, if Barrett does interfere, there's an awesome match lying in wait—the Fatal 4-Way. Of course, there's no telling what Barrett's involvement would entail. He could attack Show to disqualify Sheamus. He could go straight for Sheamus to make his intentions clear.

    He could even attack Ziggler in the middle of his cash-in, showing the world that if there will be a new champion, it will be Barrett, not Ziggler.

    Either way, Barrett's inclusion would be a good one.

Sheamus Wins, Ziggler Cashes in and Loses

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    Because most of us expect Sheamus to win, then Ziggler to utilize the briefcase and win, it would be quite the switch if Ziggler invoked his contract and lost.

    Imagine it: Big Show takes Sheamus to the limit. Sheamus retains, but is left broken down and vulnerable. Ziggler, as promised, takes his opportunity.

    Except something strange happens.

    For everything Ziggler throws at Sheamus, the Irish Superstar counters, picking up steam and regaining strength as he goes.

    Ziggler slips and it's Sheamus who takes advantage.

    Hell in a Cell ends with Sheamus successfully defending his title in two consecutive matches and Ziggler now briefcase-less.

Big Show Wins and There Is No Cash-in

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    I can confidently say everyone believes either Sheamus or Dolph Ziggler will show up to Monday Night Raw on Oct. 29 as the World Heavyweight champion.

    So what if it's actually Big Show instead?

    Furthermore, what if he wins somehow, whether it's legitimate or in shady fashion, and Ziggler fails to appear?

    Realistically, it's highly doubtful Show would win with no strings attached. Hence, it makes the list as the ultimate surprise.

    However, the event could go down like this (and bear with me because it needs a lot of help here): Wade Barrett interferes, ultimately causing Sheamus to lose and Big Show to win. Ziggler arrives ringside with his briefcase, but upon seeing Big Show and Barrett nose-to-nose, he wisely decides to renege on his decision. And boom! A Fatal 4-Way match at the next pay-per-view.

    Okay, it's still not likely. But no one could say they saw that coming.

Big Show Wins, Ziggler Attempts to Cash in and Loses

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    What would be more shocking than Big Show walking away with the World Heavyweight title and Dolph Ziggler having no impact?

    How about Big Show winning the title, Ziggler attempting to storm the new champ with the contract and losing?

    Honestly, it wouldn't make it a whole lot of sense for anyone.

    Sheamus would lose his title. Big Show would be the champion. Ziggler wouldn't have his briefcase any longer. None of that would sit too well with the IWC or the Universe.

    But it's the things fans least expect that get them talking most.