Indiana Basketball: Jeremy Hollowell Could Play Key Role in Success This Sesaon

Eric SmithCorrespondent IIIOctober 23, 2012

The Indiana Hoosiers are everyone's pick to win not just the Big Ten championship, but the national title as well. Freshman Jeremy Hollowell could be the very reason why they not only accomplish those feats, but rival the 1976 Hoosiers team in going undefeated. That team also happens to be the last team to go a whole season undefeated.

Many people don't even know who Hollowell is yet. Guys like Cody Zeller, Jordan Hulls, Christian Watford, Victor Oladipo, and Will Sheehey are getting all the attention. Even fellow freshman Yogi Ferrell is getting all the talk for the freshmen. By time the Big Ten Conference season starts for the Hoosiers on New Years Eve, the nation will be familiar with Hollowell.

Indiana will likely blow a bunch of teams out in the nonconference part of their schedule. Hollowell, who is not likely to start, will get a bunch of minutes in those games. Don't think it's too far off for the kid to average 15-20 points in those games. He has that capability.

In the scrimmage game on Saturday, Hollowell looked like he not only belonged but was one of the better players on the court. He scored five points quickly—as I expect him to do that when his number is called on game days.

Hollowell is a big shooting guard. He's 6'9" and built like a forward. His height, athleticism and length is going to be too tough for his opponents to defend. He's likely to be taller than all of the players guarding him, and will likely be stronger too.

Hollowell is a dangerous lights-out shooter when left open and will hit every shot if given those looks. He's also good with someone in his face too, as his height is tall enough to shoot over anyone. He also is deceptively fast and long enough to get to the rim. Add playing with so much talent and not getting double teams, and he could have the highest average in points per time on the floor.

If not for so many guys coming back, Hollowell would be starting on this team. Luckily for Indiana, he won't get big minutes, and will have to come back next season. How long he stays in Bloomington after that will be the biggest question, as he has big time NBA-level talent.

Having that luxury coming off the bench will propel Indiana to a near-perfect if not perfect season. He's such a big matchup problem and will be drawing lesser opponent matchups. Remember this article in mid-December when he's scoring in bunches.