Ozzie Guillen: Why Former Marlins Manager Is the Voice the Minnesota Twins Need

Chris SchadContributor IIIOctober 23, 2012

As a member of Ron Gardenhire's coaching staff (or his replacement), Ozzie Guillen would be perfect for the Minnesota Twins.
As a member of Ron Gardenhire's coaching staff (or his replacement), Ozzie Guillen would be perfect for the Minnesota Twins.Jason Arnold/Getty Images

Prior to his one-year stint as manager of the Miami Marlins, Ozzie Guillen was one of the biggest enemies for the Minnesota Twins.

During the Twins decade of success during the 2000's, Guillen's Chicago White Sox proved to be the biggest obstacle in the way en route to six division championships.

The argument can be made that those White Sox teams (one of which that won a World Series in 2005) was one of the driving motivators in what has been the most successful stretch in franchise history.

Oddly enough, Guillen and the Twins have coincided in the news once again this week.

On Monday, the Twins announced their revamped coaching staff which was made entirely out of guys within the Twins organization.

New hitting coach Tom Brunansky and new bullpen coach were both plucked out of Triple-A Rochester for their jobs. The Twins also added Terry Stienbach, a former Twins catcher from 1994 to 1997, as their new bench coach.

The moves made by the Twins on Monday were needed in the sense that this was a team that had finished with the worst record in the American League the past two seasons, but the question has to be brought up whether these moves really represent change.

That's where adding Guillen to the coaching staff would give the organization the Icy-Hot in a jock strap shock it needs.

Guillen was fired on Tuesday after a disastrous stint as Marlins manager. While the most likely route seems to be as an analyst on Baseball Tonight, the Twins should consider adding Guillen to the mix as a member of their coaching staff.

With all the questions that have been surrounding manager Ron Gardenhire's Romper Room culture in the clubhouse, Guillen could make some waves of his own by making some members of the Twins roster motivated and accountable for their miserable on-field performances.

The move would also be a fit for Guillen. When Guillen managed the White Sox, he couldn't stop raving about how much respect he had for the franchise unless somebody brought up the Metrodome. Guillen loves the Twins across the board, and could be honored to join Gardenhire's staff.

Alas, this only seems like a pipe dream as the Twins are unlikely to fire one of their newly hired (or re-assigned) coaches several days after hiring them.

However, if this team underachieves in 2013, Gardenhire could be on the way out. If that happens, Guillen could be the leading candidate to be the new manager of the Minnesota Twins.