Top Ten Feuds That Need to Happen This Year: The SHOWDOWN

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMarch 13, 2009

Okay, this year has been going great for wrestling in general. What can make it even better are some awesome feuds.

Think about it. When you have great feuds, new stars are born. The attention from fans gives some superstars the push they need to take their game to the next level.


10) Shelton Benjamin vs. Edge

This would be a great feud that could finally make Shelton a main-eventer. Edge could give Shelton the push he needs. These two will go at it and have a excellent match.

It would remind me of the five series match that Booker T and Chris Benoit had back in the WCW days for the TV title. This could push Shelton as a big time babyface, as Edge is one of the biggest heels of WWE right now.


9) Edge vs. Randy Orton

Yes, I said it. It is something new, something fresh, and they are the top heels right now. It would make an awesome match.

They both bring intensity to their matches, and the just draw the audiences attention. This match could be a show stopper at a main-event PPV like Summer Slam.


8) Jack Swagger vs. John Cena

I wouldn't see this happening until way later in the year, but it will be a great match either way. Think about John Cena making great jokes about Swagger's lisp, and Swagger just getting mad and beating down Cena.

This could push Swagger as a top heel, as the kids love Cena.


7) Christian vs. Jeff Hardy

I think the WWE owes it to us wrestling fans. It was the way they were going to bring Christian in anyway, but plans got scraped when it was revealed that Christian was doing the attacks on Hardy.

This can be a great push for Christian too, even though Vince doesn't think as much of Christian as the head writer of Smackdown does. He will know how to make the feud great, and can help Christian reach the top ranks of WWE.


6) Batista vs. John Cena

Obviously it was supposed to be the Main Event match at Wrestlemania. When the Animal got injured, it put the feud on hold. It could make Batista turn into a great heel, or the other way around, as one of their roles need to change.

I could see Cena going heel though, not to compare Cena with Hogan, but that's what it would be like. Hogan had all the kid fans behind him, but when he joined Hall and Nash, it caused a lot of attention. I could see this same effect with Cena.


5) The Miz vs. John Morrison

I think WWE will go this route, as they never, and I mean never, keep a tag team together for long. Many people see Miz holding Morrison back from main event status, so I can see Miz getting jealous and turning on Morrison. This would turn Morrison into a baby face.

This could also help out Miz in a way. He can prove himself as a singles wrestler. He has the mic skills and is getting a lot better in the ring.

Also, these two in a match would be great. Every time I read a blog or the review of Smackdown/ECW/Raw, a lot of people say the Miz & Morrison match was the most exciting.4) Matt Morgan vs. Samoa Joe

Yes, the first TNA feud. Morgan can get an even bigger push by facing Joe. They will have great technical matches.

Also, Joe will bring the best out of Morgan. Joe is a proven commodity in TNA. Putting Morgan against Joe will allow Morgan to establish himself as a force in the TNA ranks.


3) Mr. Kennedy vs. MVP

I would love to see a long feud with these two. They both have great mic skills and great in ring ability. These two going at it will benefit both sides. I think it should be over the MITB briefcase, and the briefcase can act like a title.

If MVP does win the MITB match, because now I see Christian winning and that will be his way to move on Smackdown, Kennedy and MVP should feud over the briefcase.

If WWE does go with MVP, he and Mr. K should go at it over the briefcase. Mr. K won last year, but never got to enjoy the victory. He got injured and lost the case to Edge.


2) CM Punk vs Chris Jerhico

Both have great styles to their wrestling game, and they would bring the best out of each other. It would be a great match, or matches, as it should be a feud.

I really don't know how it would get started, but I just know it could help push Punk back to the top.


1) Evan Bourne vs Tyson Kidd

I really, and I mean really, want to see this feud. Forget about their size. Who cares about muscle, these two are the future of the WWE. What a way to build these two up. These two highly regarded young talents could make magic.

Man, when I watched Tyson Kidd beat DJ Gabriel it was a short match, but it was great. To see Bourne vs Kidd, that would be priceless.

Also, I think it would be a great way to re-introduce the Cruiserweight title, and add a new title to ECW.

It would benefit the roster to bring Helms, The Brian Kendrick, and numerous other cruiserweights to ECW. You would have awesome matches waiting to happen.

Okay, I have been seeing the CVC tourney unfolding, and it is the huge thing going on in the wrestling community.

I liked the CVC idea so much that I thought I'd start my own tourney. I am introducing the Historic Rivalries Tournament, just call it the Showdown.

Basically, writers around the community give their pieces on what they think was the best feud in wrestling history. I will try to read all articles and choose the best article as the winner.

So get to researching, and let the SHOWDOWN begin.


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