New York Jets Power Rankings: Where Various Sources Rank the Jets After Week 7

Rocco Constantino@@br_jets_reportContributor IOctober 23, 2012

Photo by Jared Wickerman
Photo by Jared Wickerman


The New York Jets' excruciating overtime loss to the New England Patriots is difficult to quantify.  On one hand, it is encouraging that the Jets could go into Foxboro with a huge number of rookies and second-year players playing big roles and take the Patriots to overtime.

On the other hand, the Jets flat out gave the game away with a number of bonehead mistakes.

Rookies Demario Davis, Quinton Coples, Josh Bush, Antonio Allen, and Stephen Hill all played a large role in the game, as did young up-and-comers Jeremy Kerley, Konrad Reuland and Lex Hilliard.  With players like that being thrown into the fire in Foxboro, the bottom line is that the Jets should be given some credit for hanging in with the Patriots.

This week's glace at NFL Power Rankings from across the league shows that nearly all of the polls respected the performance the Jets put forth on Sunday.  Most at least kept the Jets stationary, while some even moved them up a notch or two.  

Either way, the Jets rank solidly in the middle once again this week.  The Jets play the Dolphins, Seahawks and Rams the next three games.  If they can have some success against them, they should find themselves in the upper-middle class, knocking the door of the top 10.  

Here's a look at where the major sources rank the Jets in the NFL's pecking order.  The spots range from No. 15 to No. 25.  Regular readers of Bleacher Report should know who ranked the Jets at No. 25.

Source: Pete Prisco,

Jets' Rank: 23

Rank Compliments: Never known as a Jets supporter, Prisco didn't drop the Jets after their loss last week. That's about the only compliment there is to share.  

Rank Complaints: Prisco's rankings are way off on a number of teams. First, the Dolphins moved up one spot without playing and currently rank nine spots ahead of the Jets at No. 14. The Titans have four losses by three touchdowns or more, yet are ranked ahead of the Jets at No. 22. The Lions somehow move up two spots after an ugly loss to the Bears and come in three spots ahead of the Jets at No. 20.

Source: Shutdown Corner Power Rankings, Yahoo Sports

Jets' Rank: 17

Rank Compliments: The Jets didn't drop after their tough loss to the Patriots. They were ranked at the high end of the spectrum compared to other rankings last week. They could have been moved down a notch or two without controversy, but they were kept at No. 17.     

Rank Complaints: The Dolphins are ranked one spot ahead of the Jets at No. 16.  If they were going to rank the teams back-to-back, they might as well have put the team that actually won the head-to-head matchup in front.  

Source: Brian Billick's NFL Power Rankings, Fox Sports

Jets' Rank: 15

Rank Compliments: Billick continued the turnaround in his Jets support, moving them up three places after the loss. Billick once had them as low as No. 27, but has moved them up consistently of late. Billick has the Jets ranked ahead of teams like the Dolphins, Cardinals, Eagles, Bengals and Chargers.  That's not the case in most polls.

Rank Complaints: The complaint with this poll is that the Jets' ranking might be too high. Technically, the Jets are in the ninth spot in the AFC playoff race, but Billick has them rated as the No. 6 team in the AFC.  

Source: NFL Power Rankings, ESPN

Jets' Rank: 24

Rank Compliments:  Three of the five voters had the Jets at No. 22 or higher, but that wasn't enough to cancel out Mike Sando and Ashley Fox, who ranked the Jets at Nos. 26 and 25 respectively. John Clayton, who is by far the most reputable person on the panel, had the Jets ranked at No. 21.

Rank Complaints: Mike Sando and Ashley Fox ranked the Jets at No. 26 and 25 respectively.  Sando ranked the Jets two spots lower than the Colts while Fox ranked them three sports behind them. The Colts looked like a middle school recreation team when they faced off against the Jets, so that ranking has no merit whatsoever. Because of their ignorance, the Jets rank one spot below the Colts in the consensus poll.

Source: NFL Power Rankings, SB Nation

Jets' Rank: 19

Rank Compliments: The Jets are ranked ahead of the Dolphins, Bills and Colts—the three teams they beat head-to-head. That might sound like simple logic, but not everybody subscribes to those facts.  

Rank Complaints: This is a fair spot for the Jets, so there isn't much to complain about. The Cowboys, Cardinals and Bengals are each ranked ahead of the Jets and a case could be made for the Jets to rank ahead of any or all of those teams.

Source: Hank Gola, New York Daily News

Jets' Rank: 22

Rank Compliments: The Jets stayed stationary after their loss to the Patriots. They are ranked ahead of the Saints and Titans, two teams some polls see fit to rank considerably ahead of the Jets.  

Rank Complaints: The Cardinals, Cowboys and Lions are ranked Nos. 14, 15 and 16 respectively. There really is no reason why those three should be ranked so much higher than the Jets.

Source: NFL Power Poll,

Jets' Rank: 20

Rank Compliments: Nine of the 13 NFL "experts" rank the Jets at No. 20 or better.  That gave the Jets 170 points in their poll, down 10 points from last week. Incredibly, Steve Wyche, a former Dolphins beat writer, has the Jets ranked the highest at No. 15. Charley Casserly, arguably the most reputable of the 13 pollsters, ranks the Jets at No. 18. Overall, the Jets rank higher than the Saints, Rams and Titans. 

Rank Complaints: It's no surprise that former Patriot Willie McGinest has the Jets ranked at No. 27, but so did former front office executive Michael Lombardi, and he should know better. Lombardi has both the Colts and Bills ranked ahead of the Jets. Even former Giants Shaun O'Hara and Kurt Warner were objective enough to put the Jets at No. 20.

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