WWE: Vickie Guerrero's New Role Is Confusing for Those Who Embrace Logic

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistOctober 23, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Vickie Guerrero gaining power in the context that she did is confusing for those who embrace logic.

AJ Lee was removed from her GM spot because of an alleged affair with a WWE Superstar, but the advertised “cougar” in Vickie Guerrero is made into a “managing supervisor.”

Guerrero made out with world champion Edge while previously in power.

Vince McMahon's daughter is married to one of the companies biggest stars ever. This is outside of storyline, but with something that well known and frequently revisited on television―it counts.

McMahon admits he doesn't know what a “managing supervisor” is. I suppose this is extra heat on Guerrero obtaining a ridiculous title. It does make the board of directors look incompetent. I would have rather the WWE just blame the new head writer for coming up with that title for her, even if it wasn't his/her call.

John Cena gets identified as the accused who had relations with Lee. Guerrero called it an affair. Isn't it only an affair if one or both are married? If that's the case, it's comically awkward considering this year's TMZ stories with Cena and his personal life.

Guerrero's new role is to buy the WWE some time.

They knew when they made Lee the GM at Raw 1000 that it wasn't a long-term deal. She had a ton of momentum at the time. The WWE needed to name someone and she fit the bill that day.

The angle with Lee and Cena has potential—if this was 1998-2007. It will likely will be fizzled out to an anti-climactic finish. I predict something simple to be revealed such as Paul Heyman or CM Punk to have made a persuasive phone call to the board of directors.

With Survivor Series a month away, team vs. team atmosphere, I hope that signals the end of Guerrero's reign, courtesy of some match. We've seen it done far too long and she has maxed out on her range as a performer in that role.

It hasn't even been 24 hours and I'm already screaming for change. I want AJ back.

I dig crazy, not cougar.