Vancouver Canucks: 4 Reasons They Will Reach the Stanley Cup

Michelle McConnaughey@@Mikki415Contributor IIIOctober 24, 2012

Vancouver Canucks: 4 Reasons They Will Reach the Stanley Cup

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    The NHL lockout has not yet ended, but once it does, the Stanley Cup will be up for grabs.

    Each team has its own chance for the big win, but the Vancouver Canucks have the opportunity to redeem themselves this year.

    The Canucks have gotten extremely close in the past few years to a Stanley Cup win, and once the lockout officially ends, they will have a good chance of reaching the victory they have been patiently waiting for.

Solid Goalies

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    What does every successful Stanley Cup team need?

    An unstoppable goalie. 

    Recently, there has been talk about Roberto Luongo being traded from the Canucks, but that would not leave them hanging. 

    Cory Schneider took Luongo’s starting position from him last season during the playoffs. While Luongo is an incredible goalie, so is Schneider.

    Luongo has been the best goalie in Canucks franchise history, so maybe it is time for Schneider to prove himself. 

    If Luongo does not get traded, the Canucks will have the comfort of options. This could be even more efficient and important in case of injuries.

    Especially if the season is condensed from the lockout, the Canucks will be incredibly strong in the goal, giving them one less thing to worry about. 

Impressive Defense

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    The Canucks defense will be an extremely important aspect of the team's success in the upcoming season. 

    Roberto Luongo or Cory Schneider stopping pucks in the goal is crucial, but Vancouver’s defense will be able to help out tremendously if and when it shuts down its opponents' offense. 

    Vancouver’s current defensive roster is incredibly strong. Between Kevin Bieksa, Dan Hamhuis, Alex Edler, Keith Ballard and Jason Garrison, this defense has the ability to shut down every team it comes up against.

    The Canucks defense is also able to benefit from the lockout, since it allows Garrison and Edler the time they need to bounce back from injury. General manager Mike Gillis provided an update on Garrison's groin last week (per The Vancouver Sun) and said that it's not a sports hernia. He also said Edler's back is "doing well." 

    This extra time off due to the lockout will allow Garrison and Edler to recover properly and come back strong when it counts.

Experience and Depth

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    Overall, the Canucks have experience where it counts. Seven of their key players are over 30 years old, and they are just as effective as the day they started playing. 

    Their experience is what will lead this team.

    The Canucks need to show their strength and confidence on and off the ice. In the past two years, they were extremely close to winning the Stanley Cup, but their competitors were able show their force and come out on top. 

    That is exactly what the Canucks have the ability to do this year. They have depth and agility at every position to be able to show that this is their year.

Hungry for a Stanley Cup Win

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    This can be the year. The Vancouver Canucks have not won the Stanley Cup yet, but they have the potential to change that now.

    After losing to the Boston Bruins in 2011 by one game and then losing to the No. 8 L.A. Kings last year, the Canucks are starved for a big win. 

    This year, Vancouver has a perfect opportunity to prove its team’s capabilities. It has the strength on both sides of the puck, and the lockout is providing the squad with extra time to allow injured players to heal.

    If and when the lockout ends, we will really be able to tell which teams will put up the best fight. But, on paper, the Canucks have a great chance for victory.