The Dynasty Manifesto Presents: "Who Wants To Become a Millionare!"

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 12, 2009

Announcer: "Please put your hands together for the host, Sam Sandstorm!!!!"

Sam Sandstorm makes his way to the lit up, vividly colored stage. Sandstorm is a Manifesto colleague and is also the spokesman for the company.

Sandstorm: "Welcome one and all to Who Wants To Become A Millionaire!" Mr. McMahon is filthy stinking rich, why not us? We will give men and women the chance to earn up to a million dollars by answering some of today's most mind boggling WWE questions. Are you ready everyone? put your hands together for Albert!!"

Storm: "Tell me about yourself Al".

Albert: "Well I--

Storm: "On to the show! Let's start with the first question".

Question No. 1 (for $500): "Which one of the following is MOST likely to happen?"

A) Santino gets beat up by divas           B) Edge "surprisingly" wins a world title

C) Rey Mysterio feuds with a heavyweight     D) Tommy Dreamer wins a match 

Albert: Ummm, this is already difficult. Santino draws me and so does Dreamer, but after three elimination chambers, I'll go with Edge.

Storm: Well..........YOU'RE CORRECT! Now on to question No. 2

Question #2 (for $1,000): "Which show is the highest rated show?"

A) TNA          B) ECW

C) RNN          D) Uno, Dos, Tres ("WTF?! Is this?!")

Albert: I'm sweating, this is difficult. I have no idea what choice D is, and ECW beats TNA I suppose, but Joe Farrell brings the bacon home. RNN final answer.

Sandstorm: Final answer? (He nods head)...."You're closer to one million dollars sir."

Question 3: (for $10,000) "Who has saved us?"

A) Chris Jericho       B)Jesus

C) Assassins           D) Hulk Hogan

Albert: Man you guys are getting tougher, I think I'll ask the audience.

Storm: Audience, start voting. The audience vote and results have be confirmed

Chris Jericho: 49%

Jesus: 48%

Hogan: 2.99%

Assassins .1%

Suddenly a guy gets put of control and starts screaming assassins. The man is revealed to be Berg, and he is hauled off by security. "ASS-ASS-INS!!" He yells as he is thrown off the set.

Storm: "Talk about looney. What is your answer?"

Albert: "I know it isn't that old fossil Hogan, so it down to Jesus and Jericho".

Sandstorm: "What about the Assassins?"

Storm tries to keep a straight face, but burst out laughing. The camera men, stage crew, lighting crew, stage hands, audience all come out and are rolling in laughter.

Storm: '"Whoooo!" I'm dying, that was a good one. ASS-ASS-INS, they way they spell...someone should wipe their a** (BEEP PG Rating).

The shows goes to commercial due to Storm's words, the show returns after 30 seconds.

Storm: (Out of breath) "We're back, haha let's continue before I get ASS-ASS-INated, which one of those fools gonna wipe my--

Albert: I ready to answer, praise Jesus, but I'll go with Chris Jericho.

Storm:.........." Congratulations! You're right again! On to number four".

Question No. 4: (for $100,000): "Who is the worst GM?"

A) Vickie Guerrero             B) Teddy Long 

C) Armando Estrada         D) Mike Adamle

Albert: "Finally!! Something freaking easy, I choose D, Adamle".

Storm: "Well that's a no brainer, correct!! You're one step closer to the grand prize".

Question No. 5: (for $250,000): "What is Randy Orton's condition?"

A) A.D.D.                         B) H.G.D.

C) I.E.D.                          D) ABC

Albert: "ABC sounds like the thingy you learn in kindergarten, so I'll let that one go, but it is still hard. I'm looking at H.G.D., but I can't choose, I'll use my phone call. I want to call my brother".

Storm: "You got it! Make the call!"

The dial tone echoes throughout the set until his brother picks up.

Alex: "Hello?! This better not be the "Sup guys!" phone spam, I'm going to rip someone's head off!"

Albert: "Relax, Alex, it's me Albert. Look time is running out the question is what is Randy Orton's condition, A) A.D.D, B) H.G.D., C)I.E.D., D)ABC. I want to go with B".

Alex: "What the hell is wrong with you?!! H.G.D. is Horrible Grammar Disorder, the assassins have that....well the main one. Man you're a fool, it's I.E.D.! Those ASS-ASS-INs can wipe my--

Storm: (Nervous as if he'll be fired) "Looks like time is up! Well Albert, what is your answer?"

Albert: "Man It's a good thing Orton doesn't have H.G.D., I go with my brother and choose". C) I.E.D.

Storm: "I hear voices......... and they're telling me that you're correct again!! Next question is half of a million dollars, you can walk away, or keep going".

Albert: "Like Vince McMahon says: "It's all about the Money!! Let's go".

Question No. 6: (for 500,000) "Which one of these is the "future?"

A) Josh Swell                  B) Tyson Kidd

C) Young Superstars        D) The Rock

Albert: "I see the Rock's...ahem Dwayne Johnson's future in Disneyland, so I'll dismiss him. Tyson Kidd gets hang time, but I'm still not sold. Swell is just soo freakin cool, he is the future, but for the company's sake, I'll go with the Young Superstars, final answer".

Storm: "Your answer was Swell enough to advance to the Final Round!!!! This is where you can double it...or leave with nothing! Two Million, or ZERO! The choice is yours".

Albert: "Two million, I feel like Jeff Hardy today".

Storm: (Final Question for $2,000,000) "What is the worst out of the bunch?"

A) JBL vs CM Punk                    B) Mike Knox vs Rey Mysterio

C) Kane crushing on Kelly Kelly    D) Current Tommy Dreamer angle

Albert: "I'll go with the 50-50".

Storm: "50-50 Please!".

The 50-50 occurs, but none of the choices are erased.

Storm: "I guess it's not working, the choice is yours Albert".

Albert: "I'll go with Knox vs....No CM Punk vs....NO! The Dreamer angle, final answer".

Storm: (Shaking his head) "You came so close, you leave with nothing. The correct answer was E) All of the above".

Albert: "What do you mean?! There was no E!"

Storm: "You should have known that all of the them were horrible, the 50-50 didn't take any off because it couldn't decide....I'm sorry".

Albert: "WHAT?!"

Before he can pounce on Sandstorm, he is taken off stage.

Storm: "Thank you for joining us, on Who Wants To become A Millionaire!!!" (The show ends).


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