Why Vickie Guerrero Is the Perfect Candidate to Run RAW

Bryan HaasFeatured ColumnistOctober 23, 2012

courtesy of wwe.com
courtesy of wwe.com

On Monday night’s episode of RAW, WWE owner Vince McMahon announced that Vickie Guerrero would be the new managing supervisor of the show.

Excuse me?

After angling for what seems like forever for a top administrative post, Guerrero finally got her wish last night when the company’s board of directors put her in charge following RAW general manager AJ Lee’s surprise resignation.

The crowd went wild.

And it is for this reason that this is an absolutely brilliant move on the part of the company.

The television audience, and likely the capacity crowd at New Jersey’s IZOD Center, could barely hear Guerrero as she began speaking about this new opportunity.

It is hard to pinpoint exactly what the issue is with her that makes the crowds feel general disdain. But whatever she is doing, she is doing completely right.

Very few people in recent memory elicit such a strong reaction simply by making their presence felt. An appearance by Guerrero, even a short one, is always sure to set the arena on fire.

Even at home, RAW viewers dread hearing “Excuse Me,” as they know who is coming. They may not know what she is going to say, but more likely than not, it won’t be something that they want to hear.

But her story began innocently enough in 2005 when she appeared onscreen with her husband, the late Eddie Guerrero, and continued in a very minor role for some time after that. Since Eddie’s tragic death late in that year, Vickie has been involved in numerous storylines, many of them very high profile, with many of them portraying her as a calculating and even vicious heel.

And the WWE Universe has reacted in exactly the manner one would expect.

Plainly put, they hate Guerrero.

But that is never a bad thing, not in this business. Any real emotion, positive or negative, is exactly what management wants the fans to feel. While most people cringe when Guerrero enters the arena, true wrestling fans likely smile to themselves, knowing that while she may not be popular, the unanimous hatred of Vickie Guerrero is something very uncommon in wrestling these days, especially for someone that rarely wrestles an actual match.

A collective attitude toward a single person is very rare since the Attitude Era began years ago. Prior to that, heels and faces were clearly defined, and the crowd was firmly behind the faces and hated the heels. In today’s wrestling scene, lines are blurred and characters can change personas from week-to-week. Her character offers something different and that is what makes her very valuable right now and for a better part of the past several years

Like it or not, Vickie Guerrero is here to stay.