Big Six Conference Tournament Preview

Gabe SimondsContributor IMarch 12, 2009

Big East

I will start with the Big East since they have already played two rounds, but it seems like it just began with DePaul, St. John's, Cincinnati, Seton Hall, and South Florida out of the picture.

Louisville will defeat Providence, because while Providence has a tournament at-large bid at stake, Louisville should snag No. 1 seed with Big East win.  Villanova beats Marquette, mostly because the Golden Eagles are a completely different team without Dominic James. 

Back to the second round, Syracuse will easily beat Seton Hall (by the time this you see this, the game will be over).  Then they will go to...defeat Uconn.  Uconn is different team as well without Jeff Adrien and I believe (not a fact) that he was still playing when the Orange first lost. 

Pitt beats West Virginia, in fact mark in the bracket. It's a foregone conclusion. Syracuse however ends their run (if you want to call it that) with a loss to the Panthers. 

Louisville will beat out Villanova to advance to the finals. Panthers will win the Big East Tournament over Louisville.

Winner: Pittsburgh (automatic)- No. 1 seed

At-large bids: Uconn (No. 2 seed), Louisville (No. 1 seed), Villanova (No. 4 seed), Marquette (No. 7 seed), and West Virginia (No. 7 seed)

Average seeding- 3.7

Percentage of Teams in Conference- 38 Percent



No. 9 Miami defeats No. 8 Virginia Tech, No. 5 Clemson wins against Georgia Tech, No. 10 NC State beats No. 7 Maryland, and No. 6 Boston College will defeat Virginia.  Now to the second round. 

UNC will beat Miami, even though they may try relaxing before the NCAA tournament.  Clemson goes on to beat Florida State (who I am not sold on) and Wake Forest will beat NC State. 

I say Duke beats Boston College even though I have a gut feeling for BC. Clemson beats UNC, because I think UNC won't play their top players and Wake Forest beats Duke.  Wake Forest beats the Tigers in the Title game.

Winner- Wake Forest (automatic)- No. 1 seed

At-large bids- UNC (No. 1), Duke (No. 3), Florida State (No. 5), Clemson (No. 4), Boston College (No. 8)

Average seeding- 3.7

Percentage of Division- 50 Percent


Big 12

First round has already happened in case you didn't know. Baylor, Texas, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech have all advanced. All were fairly expected except Texas Tech made it a little harder to put Texas A&M in the tournament. 

Kansas will probably beat Baylor, Texas beats KSU to knock out their at-large chances, Oklahoma beats their in-state rival Cowboys, and Missouri will beat Texas Tech. 

Kansas and Oklahoma both beat their lower seeds to keep everything happen like it should. Kansas however upsets the Sooners in the title game. 

Winner- Kansas (No. 3)

At-large bids- Oklahoma (No. 2), Missouri (No. 4), Texas (No. 5), Texas A&M (No. 6), Oklahoma State (No. 8)

Average seeding- 4.5

Percentage of Teams- 50 Percent


Big Ten

No. 8 Minnesota beats No. 9 Northwestern ending their run at the tournament, No. 7 Michigan beats No. 10 Iowa, and No. 11 Indiana upsets Penn State ending their at-large hopes. 

Purdue defeats Minnesota, Ohio State wins against Wisconsin, Michigan beats Illinois for an upset in the second round, and Michigan State easily beats Indiana. Ohio State beats Purdue and Michigan State again wins against Michigan. Michigan State wins the Big Ten Tournament.

Winner- Michigan State (automatic)- No. 2

At-large- Illinois (No. 5), Purdue (No. 3), Wisconsin (No. 6), Ohio State (No. 5), Michigan (No. 8)

Average seeding- 4.7

Percentage of Division- 55 Percent


Pacific 10

Stanford beat Oregon State, and Washington State beat Oregon already in the first run.  Washington and UCLA will both beat Stanford and WSU to advance to semifinals.

Arizona has more urgency and will win even though ASU has James Harden.  California will beat USC, but this is mostly because I hate USC. In the semifinals, Washington and UCLA will both again go to the title game.  UCLA will "upset" the Huskies in the title game.

Winner- UCLA (automatic)- No. 3

At-large bids- Washington (No. 4), Arizona State (No. 4), California (No. 7), Arizona (No. 9)

Average seeding- 5.4

Percentage of Division- 45 Percent



Kentucky beats Ole Miss, Georgia beats Mississippi State, Alabama beats Vanderbilt, and Florida beats Arkansas. LSU loses to Kentucky, South Carolina beats Georgia, Tennessee beats Alabama, and Florida beats Auburn in second round.  Kentucky goes to the finals to face Tennessee. 

Tennessee wins the conference tournament. This is truly a guess. SEC can pretty much go anywhere. 

Winner- Tennessee (automatic)- No. 6

At-large bids- LSU (#6), South Carolina (#8), Florida (#9)

Average seeding-7.25

Percentage of division- 42 Percent


Other At-large candidates

These following didn't win conference tournament who isn't in big six. 

Memphis will get No. 2 seed if they win C-USA which is more than likely

Butler, Xavier, Dayton, Utah State (as long as they win one game in tournament), Creighton should all earn at-large bids.


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