WWE Hell in a Cell 2012: Should Dolph Ziggler Cash in His Contract at HIAC?

Luis CamposAnalyst IOctober 22, 2012


Winning a Money in the Bank contract seems to be a WWE superstar's invitation to the main event. The truth, however, is the Money in the Bank contract seems to be less of an opportunity and more of a burden.

Despite promises to change a superstar's career, most winners are either already stars (John Cena, Edge, Kane) or end up receiving minor pushes that usually culminate in a lower status (Jack Swagger, Mr. Kennedy).

In fact, out of all the Money in the Bank winners, it seems that only Daniel Bryan, who won the World title from the Big Show as a result of his contract being cashed in, has been able to fully capitalize on his contract. But, then again, his future with the company still remains to be seen.

Now that Dolph Ziggler has promised to cash in his contract during this month's Hell in a Cell PPV, one question still remains: Should he follow through with his promise?

There is no doubt that Ziggler should be a main eventer. But will his cash-in at Hell in a Cell be the catalyst he needs to get over?


As evident from past WWE superstars, cashing in a Money in the Bank contract does not necessarily translate into perpetual stardom. If Ziggler wants his contract cash-in to mean something, a few adjustments need to be made.

First, the "Showoff" needs to get rid of his manager, Vickie Guerrero. Despite the fact that Vickie is one of the greatest heels in the business, she has done all she can for Dolph. It is time for their relationship to end.

The WWE has often hinted at the end of their relationship, but it's never fully materialized. Perhaps there will be a chance for that to happen at Hell in a Cell if Dolph Ziggler cashes in his contract but fails to pin the current champion because of Vickie's intervention.

Imagine the heat Vickie would get if she accidentally cost Ziggler his contract.

Vickie and Dolph could then have a more natural breakup, and Dolph could win the World title at the next pay-per-view, Survivor Series. 

Should Ziggler cash in his contract at Hell in a Cell? Yes.

Should Ziggler win the World Heavyweight Championship after cashing in his contract? Not necessarily.