Total Extreme Wrestling 2013: An Alternative to WWE 13

Jamie WestAnalyst IIIOctober 22, 2012

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While many WWE fans around the world are eagerly anticipating the release of THQ's WWE 13 on Oct. 30, it is not the only professional wrestling game that diehard fans should be getting excited about this year, as Adam Ryland's Total Extreme Wrestling 2013 is due to hit the web this December.

Although much of the Bleacher Report community will already be familiar with the TEW series, it would appear that almost all attention is being given to the upcoming release of Yuke's latest annual installment.

For those of you who have not had the chance to play a TEW game before, allow me to sell it to you as being a much more rewarding game for the would-be booker inside each and every avid follower of professional wrestling.

The first game I played in the series was the 2010 release, having become frustrated with the Smackdown vs Raw franchise and the disappearance of an authentic GM Mode. I decided to search online for a game that would allow you to manage, structure and book your own promotion and wrestling world, and I was not disappointed with Total Extreme Wrestling.

Picture it like this; if the old Smackdown vs Raw games allowed you to be the Teddy Long of WWE, Adam Ryland's PC download-only games allow you to become your own Vince McMahon of professional wrestling.

The all-encompassing game allows you to book your own shows and pay-per-views, including details such as match time, match type and intensity; hire and fire your own talent, battle rival promotions and much more.  

The game does have its pitfalls however, as it has an entirely fabricated database, with no real-life wrestling companies or personalities, no doubt due to copyright protection. Still, for the hardcore fan who is looking for a game that will stimulate the creative senses and allow for complete control and freedom, look no further than the latest game in what has become a cult series amongst members of the Internet wrestling community.

Furthermore, a free demo of the 2010 game is available using the link below, and I would urge any fan who longs for the days of GM Mode to give it a go before deciding to fork out hard earned money for WWE 13.

This could be the game you have been waiting for.

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