Blame Bernie Madoff for the Recent New York Sports Curse

Mike KentSenior Writer IMarch 12, 2009

New York has had bad sports seasons in virtually every sport.

The Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets, Rangers, Islanders, and Knicks all had/are having a bad year in 2008-09.

When it was just 2007, we were fine, saying it's just this year and lightning does not strike twice at the same place.

But after the Mets lost to the Brewers on the last day of the 2008 season, the world of baseball knew this was no coincidence.

And it is not like the Yankees have had the best season in history. They did not win the East! After 14 years of celebrations in September, the Red Sox and Rays took it away from the Bronx.

The Giants were the top team in the NFL for most of 2008, but the New York curse did not skip them. Plaxico Burress shot himself in the leg and the Giants lost to the Eagles in the playoffs.

The Jets were so close to a AFC East title, after beating the Titans to give Tennessee their first loss on the season, and making them look like the best team in the AFC. But they won only one more game for the rest of the season, and losing the last game gave the Dolphins the AFC title.

Do we even need to talk about the Knicks? They always suck.

In hockey, the Islanders have been one of the worst teams in the NHL for a long time.  The Rangers were looking good at the start, but now have joined the Islanders in the bottom of the Atlantic Division.

So from this we all see the truth. New York is not having any success. All of New York is cursed.

But why are they cursed? Is it something they did?

I think it is. New York is cursed with losing because something it did, but what is it?

Why is the sports god so angry at the New York?

I know you think it is the Mets bullpen, A-Rod, Joe Girardi, and all the rest of that group, but you are wrong.

I think I know the problem, the reason New York is cursed. It is all because one man...

Bernard Madoff.

It's not like he was a saint before this season, but the $50 billion Ponzi scheme has made it unbearable for the sports god.

Madoff was born in Queens and now lives in Manhattan—a real New Yorker.

The guy that has ruined the careers and financial lives of many is living between us.

How can New York win when we have a scum bag like Madoff in are mix?

We need to get rid of Madoff.

New York sports are doomed with Maddof in the stands.  We need to kick him out of New York, or better yet, out of America.

When New York gets that, they will once again be great in the sports world.

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