Miami Marlins: To Be Or Not To Be?

Dave WalkerCorrespondent IMarch 12, 2009

In approximately three months, construction is supposed to begin on the new Miami Ballpark in Miami. Capacity is set to be around 37,000, with a retractable roof to help shade fans on those warm summer nights.

But, there is a catch to all this. In fact, there are many catches, and not the ones being made by the left fielder.

The final vote from the city of Miami's commissioners was set to be down and finalized nearly a month ago. But, commissioner Marc Sarnoff decided the Marlins weren't giving enough, and therefore requested a series of financial concessions to the deal.

That night they left with a 2-2 tie, however one commissioner was absent, and has gone on the record as for the proposal.

Another roadblock to the plan is in how the city is going to finance it. A series of hotel taxes were supposed to be enough to help bring in the extra money needed by the city.

But, in case you have been sleeping for the last year, we are in a recession. Hotels aren't making any moolah either, thus funding may hit a snag.

Now the question is, when does all this get decided? Mar. 12, 2009. Wait, is that today? Oh no, it got delayed once again until Mar. 19.

Yes, the fate of the Marlins in general is in the hands of Miami politicians.

If they are smart and give them the stadium, great. Good times are ahead for Marlins fans, and a new stadium brings in additional revenue.

If they are denied, and have to remain in Dolphin Stadium, the question is, will they remain in Florida?

Other South Florida franchises have done less and gotten new stadiums. The Heat had yet to win their title when they built the new arena, and the Panthers were still in diapers when the Bank Atlantic facility was built. Haven't the Marlins won two World titles in 15 years of existence?

With this, being year 16, wouldn't it be nice to give fans a bright shiny new BMW, and not the clunker they have been watching games in for years?

Vote yes county commissioners!