Rock Hard NBA Locks: Thursday, Mar. 12

David AlenCorrespondent IApril 8, 2017

Well good morning everybody! What's this I feel in my pants? OH I'm ROCK HARD for the NBA...I guess you can call this morning NBA wood?

Well, a pretty good night for me last night. I went 7-4 on my picks and I got my upset special correct so YAY ME!!!

This brings my three day total to 16-7 and if you ask me, which you are, that's a dam fine record.

Since it's Thursday, there are only two games on the NBA calender, but I like call it BIG GAME THURSDAY!!!

Both games are huge so let's get right to it.


Los Angeles Lakers vs San Antonio Spurs - Game of the Night

Tim Duncan is having one his best years as a pro and is a silent candidate-very silent-for the NBA's MVP award.

Timmy, is averaging 20 ppg, 10.6 rebs, while shooting 51 percent from the field. Oh, and he has slightly improved his free-throw shooting.

With Duncan's steady play all season the Spurs have been locked into that second seed in the west. This is what I like about the Spurs they never get any attention because they are not a flashy team that is going to run-and-gun you out there on the court.

They are going to run their system and then make you grind it out on the other end.

Oh and don't look now but the Spurs have gotten younger, with the emergence of guys like Roger Mason, George Hill, Matt Bonner, and late season pick-up Drew Gooden. Those guys have meshed well with Tony Parker and Duncan.

Plus the Spurs should have a well rested Manu Ginobili ready for the playoffs. The Spurs would downright frighten me if I was a western conference team.

One of those teams that should be afraid are the LA Lakers. Last season, the Spurs with an injured Ginobili gave the Lakers all they can handle and if it wasn't for a non-call on Brent Barry's last second three-point attempt, we would probably be talking about the two-time champion Spurs.

However like I always say, if my grandma had testicles, she would be my grandpa.

Whenever these two teams get together its always a battle. For years the Spurs and the Lakers have had wars dating back to the days of the Shaq Lakers. This season has been no different. They have played each other twice and each team won on its own home court.

The Lakers are coming off a nice win over the Rockets last night and once again Kobe led the way with 37 points.

The Lake show is getting Lamar Odom back for this game after he was suspended one game for coming off the bench last Monday night after Trevor Ariza's hard foul on Rudy Fernandez. 

This one is a tough pick because I am sure the Lakers would like to show how tough they are by beating the Spurs at home.

However, I'm sure the Spurs would like to show everyone they are a team to be reckoned with and would like to protect the home court. I'm going with the home team on this one they win a grinder 95-93 as I am sure Phil Jackson will credit this loss to attrition.


Cleveland Cavaliers vs Phoenix Suns

The Suns need to start winning and they need to start tonight! Phoenix now finds themselves five and half games behind the Mavs after Dallas won last night in Portland.

However, luckily for the Suns, their schedule gets easier down the stretch and they get the Mavs two more times. Shaq loves the big games and he has been playing big game basketball as of late.

The Suns' biggest problem is their defense, they don't play any! So I see it nearly impossible for them to stop LeBron James.

For Cleveland this is also a must win for them because they are now two games ahead of the Celtics for the best record in the east after Boston was downed by Miami last night.

A win for Cleveland tonight and they can get a little more breathing room and they can start concentrating on catching the Lakers for the best record in the NBA.

If this game was played in Cleveland it would be a blow-out but since its in Phoenix the Suns will put up a fight. Cavs win tonight in a wild one 133-120.

Alright check back tomorrow for more Rock Hard locks.