Auburn Football: Looking For a Leader at Quarterback

Dione ThriftContributor IMarch 12, 2009

Spring practice is almost upon Auburn, as fans are wondering who will come out as the top quarterback. Last season was a mess, but what's done in the past is done.

It's time to look toward the future. Here are the top three quarterbacks that I think will have the best chance, in no particular order.

Kodi Burns- His season last year didn't turn out as well as most Auburn fans thought it would.

Burns is a great athlete, and it's hard for anyone to argue with that, but the question is that can he be a great quarterback, and not only that, but a quarterback that can be a leader for Auburn? That's something that I'm sure Gus Malzahn will be looking for in all of the potential candidates at QB.

Neil Caudle- He hasn't seen much playing time, but it looks as if he has some potential to start. He can make plays with his legs also, which is great for the new system that is being put in.

He had four completions in only five attempts during the 2008 season in limited action against Tennessee-Martin.

Barret Trotter- Trotter will get his time to compete for the starting position this spring.  There's a lot of talk that this kid has the potential to start in this new offensive system, but does he has the potential to be a leader? 

Other possibilities:

Tyrik Rollison- If he qualifies, he might make a great candidate, but more than likely he will be redshirted this year.

Chris Todd- While his season wasn't great last year, and he suffered an injury to his arm, it is not out of the question that Todd can re-enter the mix. If he wants to move back into the picture however, he will have to prove many things to Malzahn.

Clint Mosley- It's not certain whether Auburn will keep him at this position or move him to a different one.

Although he was named Alabama's Mr. Football and is considered a great athlete, he may not be ready to man the quarterback position, especially considering his competition.

In my opinion, Malzhan will have to find the starting quarterback this spring. Like I've mentioned earlier, the starting quarterback for Auburn will have to be able to lead the team, especially against dominant defenses in the SEC. 

Personally, I have no problem with who starts in the '09 season, as long as he is the right fit for Auburn.