WWE News: Zack Ryder Announces Finale of His Show 'Z! True Long Island Story'

Luis CamposAnalyst IOctober 21, 2012

Image via Zack Ryder's Twitter Account
Image via Zack Ryder's Twitter Account

Remember when in 2011 Zack Ryder seemed like he was going to be the next big superstar in the WWE?

His YouTube show, Z! True Long Island Story, was one of the hottest things in the Internet wrestling community—a gem for all "smarks" filled with funny inside jokes and a goofy, but ultimately likable, Zack Ryder.

The show continued for 50 episodes on Zack Ryder's personal YouTube account until the WWE decided to capitalize on Ryder's show and include it as part of it's own lineup of WWE YouTube shows.

From then on the show lost its cachet as accusations of Ryder "selling out" started pouring in.

The jump from Ryder's personal account to the WWE's translated in the show itself "jumping" (the shark).

Ryder became increasingly frustrated with the control over his product—twice resulting in the WWE directly asking Ryder to remove content.

Now however, after 84 weeks of production, it looks like Ryder is looking to end the series:


SAVE THE DATE…1/11/13…Episode 100 of Z! True Long Island Story! #finale?

—Zack Ryder (@ZackRyder) October 20, 2012


Is Ryder doing the right thing for his career? Or could ending his show lead to a larger burial for his already stagnant career?